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“There are worse things than extreme tyranny…”

The Revenge of Geography by Robert D Kaplan is an alarming – or alarmist – view of an unstable political future for what he calls the  “shatter zones” of Eurasia. Some critics say Kaplan is too fond of war, but it’s an interesting read whether you agree or not. Here’s the opening, and some excerpts:

 “When rapturous Germans tore down the Berlin Wall 20 years ago it symbolized far more than the overcoming of an arbitrary boundary. It began an intellectual cycle that saw all divisions, geographic and otherwise, as surmountable; that referred to “realism” and “pragmatism” only as pejoratives; and that invoked the humanism of Isaiah Berlin or the appeasement of Hitler at Munich to launch one international intervention after the next. In this way, the armed liberalism and the democracy-promoting neoconservatism of the 1990s shared the same universalist aspirations. But alas, when a fear of Munich leads to overreach the result is Vietnam—or in the current case, Iraq.

“And thus began the rehabilitation of realism, and with it another intellectual cycle. “Realist” is now a mark of respect, “neocon” a term of derision. The Vietnam analogy has vanquished that of Munich…  …and this is the key insight of the past two decades—that there are worse things in the world than extreme tyranny, and in Iraq we brought them about ourselves. I say this having supported the war.

“And of all the unsavory truths in which realism is rooted, the bluntest, most uncomfortable, and most deterministic of all is geography.

 “Man and not nature initiates, but nature in large measure controls.”


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The importance of rebellion

Writing is a solitary business. Has to be, or you get nothing done. Too many distractions. But you miss the interchange of ideas, the conversations that can lead you to elusive insights and better alternatives. At least I do.

So on Saturday evening I was delighted to discover part of the magic formula for inspiration and creativity. It’s rebellion. Just the right amount of rebellion and you’re off.

In my case, the right amount ofrebellionwas two pints. But it may vary day to day. Rebellion IPA to be specific. Though the mild form of Rebellion may be just as effective.

Anyway, that’s what it took me to resolve a couple of niggling points in my narrative. That and some useful conversation of course. ThanksJulian.

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