Murphy and the Princess

Murphy & the Princess

DI Murphy accompanies Princess Elizabeth, Belfast, June 1949

There was no difficulty finding gunmen in those days. Swordsmen were rarer. But blades are the style when you’re escorting a princess. There she is, the future Queen Elizabeth, looking very nicely turned out.

It’s understandable that you didn’t notice her at first glance, given the distinguished handsome bloke beside her. He’s District Inspector Murphy – aka Great Uncle Mike – of B District.

He tended to be called in to lead RUC parades on royal visits, partly because he was one of the few officers versed in sword drill. That came from his Irish Guard days.

On this occasion Princess Elizabeth is inspecting an RUC Guard of Honour at Belfast City Hall in June 1949. The following month Michael Murphy was promoted from DI 2nd class to DI 1st class.

Another family policing link is here – Dan Waters of the RIC.



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10 responses to “Murphy and the Princess

  1. Hi Blackwatertown – thank you for your post on the World of Royalty Message Board. Sorry it got caught in the board’s spam filter. The word “escort” is banned due to a persistent spammer, but you had no way of knowing that. I’ve edited the post now to correct that.

  2. 29

    Re Murphy and the Princess,
    I was there that day, the weather was fine and dry which was good as sometimes in wet weather he had some discomfort due to retained shrapnel from wounds on the Western Front.

  3. C Black

    Is that Mr Murphy who lived in Alliance Avenue by any chance? DI Murphy who lived there was kind to me as a child.

  4. IH

    I’m not sure if this page is still up and running, but regardless, I was delighted to see this photograph of my Grandfather – Michael Murphy – thank you for sharing it. My Papa Murphy was hugely influential in my life and many of the lessons he taught me still resonate with me today.

  5. Thank you for posting this Paul. My husband and his sister were very touched to see this picture…DI Murphy was their grandfather x
    P.S. Granny (Eileen) Harvey always spoke of the Water family with much love.

    • blackwatertown

      Breige – apologies to you too for the delay in posting your comment. This blog has been dormant for a while. It might be time for it to creak back into action soon.
      And thanks for your comment.

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