Election fever reaches boiling point

Vote early. Vote often. (Once per election naturally.) Vote for whoever you want… as long as it’s not the BNP.

This came from Mark McGregor guest posting on Anthony McIntyre’s The Pensive Quill. Good blog in Belfast. Worth regularly dropping in on it.

I may not really be this cynical or realistic. But it’s cold, damp, dark and dreary – with no imminent prospect of change.



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4 responses to “Election fever reaches boiling point

  1. Basil Dajani

    Great poster. But sounds like a tragic metaphor for life. Trust nobody and you can’t be let down. It’s surely wrong to have this attitude towards politics because it’s wrong to have it towards life.

  2. Not cynical at all.
    We end up voting for the person who doesnt tell the truth the least.

  3. blackwatertown

    Ah, you’re both right I suppose.
    Bas – I encountered an example of what you’re warning against on Sunday just gone. I happened to find myself in church, listening to a reading from the Gospel according to one of them. The gist was: “Cursed are those who trust in man. But blessed are those who trust only in God.” What a way to live your life, I thought, rejecting the wonder of people around you and all they can offer.
    I could have got the wrong end of the stick, but it did seem fairly explicit.

  4. Anyone postulating that European style socialism is not a end of the current left wing in America is either uneducated to the point of stupidity or an categorical liar. Socialism is a organization that attempts to put both industry and money dominance under a principal agency for “fair” or “equitable” dispersion under central planners. When the government purchase a major interest in GM, that IS Socialism! When the government attempts to control the Health Care system, that IS Socialism! When the government gives billions to Wall Street to diffuse their danger throughout the total population, that IS Socialism!

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