Is this scary?

Are you sitting comfortably? Too late. It’s already begun.


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4 responses to “Is this scary?

  1. Fascinating.

    I think I’ve probably learned enough to do me for my few remaining years.

    Back to the oul peann luaidhe.

  2. All Those Questions On Google! Are We Any The Wiser?

  3. And that’s why I love the net! Yet we still can’t avoid poverty in the third world or cure the common cold!

  4. No, it’s not scary. There are so many points in the presentation which I would love to debate. However, all it means is that things are changing faster. This affects the status quo, especially those ‘in charge’. When the printing press was invented, it was controlled by those ‘in charge’. Eventually the genie escaped. So what if China rules the world? Who let it happen?
    There’s 57 channels and there’s nothing on. So who’s watching?

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