The biter bit (or when political interviews turn nasty)

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Politicians are in the firing line in the UK. The general election campaign is underway so some are just weeks away from being fired. (Except for those sneaky quitters who are retiring, thus denying us voters the chance of kicking them out. Drat them.)

Respect for politicians is so low that other disdained groups might think they’re in the clear. Not so.

Here’s a ferocious clip in which the biter gets bitten…

This is what happens when journalists are no longer be able to hide behind the shield of impartial arbiter, gadfly or objective observer. When they become the story. (And you know what Alastair Campbell said about when that happens…)

This excerpt from Irish television shows an audience member getting tore into the TV host Pat Kenny about the size of his tax payer funded pay packet and the general hypocrisy of a well-heeled media class that points the finger at politicians.

So watch out the rest of you, the tables could be turned at any moment. Or would other presenters be able to handle the situation better? What do you think?

It did appear that Pat Kenny was just left to get on with it by his production team and the show format. Well, that’s what he gets paid the very big bucks for. And, to be fair, you could argue that giving the audience member such free rein to rant on was public access broadcasting at its best. Taking the hit. Not trying to hide. (Speaking of taking the hit – lucky John Prescott wasn’t there.)

Good TV too. Though as rants go, it did go on quite a while. More succinct heckling next time please.



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4 responses to “The biter bit (or when political interviews turn nasty)

  1. I Would Vote for That Bloke! How rare to see real people’s emotions on the telly.

  2. Oh my. But he has a point. Do your pollies really earn 600 Euro a year? That’s outrageous. Our presenters would probably have thrown to a commercial break then there isn’t that option on commercial free public TV. What was particularly amazing was the audience silence. Nobody seemed shocked or disagreeable with what that poor man was saying. Our Prime Minister, the most senior member of Parliament earns 207,690 Euro (and perks of course but they all get those) to run a country of 22 million. That’s less than my CEO who runs a company of 200.

  3. Great clip, rant city. I bet that guys sits around all day commenting at the end of online national dailies! At least somebody didn’t sneak up behind him and serruptitiously inject him with somehthing!

  4. Hay

    Stress plays a major role.

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