When political advertising goes wrong…

Wait till you see the other one...

Just another election poster, you might think. But I think it’s hilarious. Hilariously cack-handed. And possibly illegal. But mainly funny. You really need to see it alongside the other one to get it…

So the one above is from the DUP. The next one is from the Conservative and Ulster Unionist Party combo.

Voters can be so fickle.

Apologies to any Northern Ireland readers for whom this may be old hat. For anyone else, the full story from the BBC’s Mark Devenport is here.

Basically, the second political party cleverly hijacked the model’s portrait from the same stock photo library, to lay bare the shallowness of the original propaganda image. Eeh, it’s uncomfortable being found out.

And the use of the model’s image is now being investigated for possible breach of the picture agency’s terms and conditions. Apparently they prohibit the use of models in such a way that it would lead “a reasonable person” to think the model personally endorses any cause.

But who cares! Let’s carry on regardless with another one.

It’s another outbreak of ridicule. Hugely preferable to the traditional outbreaks of violence. Perhaps we should call in consultants from the Swiss city of Basel, to educate us in their tradition of scurrilous satirical street poetry, Schnitzelbanck, that erupts during the annual Basler Fasnacht festival. Or see comments here.

Anyway – We’ve had two instances of silliness so far. One more and it’s an official trend.

Thanks to my awesome brother Andrew for making sure I didn’t miss this one while I was in the unwebbed depths of (otherwise very pleasant) Yorkshire.

By the way, you can see more of the political football model Kristin here. Wonder what she makes of it all?



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3 responses to “When political advertising goes wrong…

  1. What does Kristin think?

    She’s ‘not comfortable’… http://tinyurl.com/y83496x

  2. Wonderful stuff! Did they have somebody in the party saying: “Get hot models, but only if they’re religious and openly conservative?!”

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