It’s all gone soft…

I think this means she loves me, rather than she loves biscuits. Or maybe both. (My daughter is quite partial to a biscuit.)

Yes, it’s time for a love-in. It’s gonna be a bit Chinese, a bit Scottish, a bit Australian – a bit gooey. Especially the very cute seagoing baby kangaroo. So, here goes…

CHINA: You remember the guest posts I had from China about the bureaucratic manoeuvres around getting married and climate change, crispy silkworms & outside toilets in Beijing. Well, our Beijing correspondent, Fuxingman, now has his own blog. It’s Life in China and other Stories – The Adventures of Fuxingman. I like his recent post on spoiling it  for the locals – about an all-you-can-drink stew bar – unlimited booze. The concern is that if expats discover it, the normal rules of restraint may come under some considerable strain. Expats like Fuxingman. Have a look.

SCOTLAND: For matters esoteric, arty and tangential in Edinburgh, I like to follow the Comely Banking Crisis (crazy name, crazy guy). I commend it to you.

AUSTRALIA: And here’s something that’s just so gold-darned cute, dagnabbit! It’s a Western Grey Kangaroo joey frolicking and paddling on the beach at Busselton, Western Australia. The video is from Lispud here, though I first saw it here. Is this what life is like where you are Baino?



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  2. Haha not quite. No kangaroos at Chez Baino or bouncing down the main street but they’re not far away and partial to a bit of beach life occasionally.

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention!! Great blog taste is I may say so. I actually woke up this morning and thought: ‘Oh, no! I’m gonna have to think of somehting to write about in the blog!’ Payday is Wednesday so it’s be a fairly dry weekend! Now, what did I watch on TV again…

  4. Well, we also study about the battle of Kosovo. In Hungary we call it First Battle of Rigómező (Első Rigómezei csata). However our (Hungarians’) Gallipoli is the battle of Mohács in 1526.

  5. I had no idea that a Roo would go in salt water but then dogs do, too – like the Roo. Who knew? Glad to see this silly thing it is too cute by half.

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