Now look what you’ve done…

Now look what you’ve done. You’re famous. That’s you – readers and commentators. You have only gone and become online exemplars who have made “clear the sort of support you can get from a virtual network in a connected world.”

That’s according to the highly prestigious Trading As WDR blog. (“A blog containing thoughts about change, and how to achieve it…”)

WDR spotted what’s been going on here recently and has drawn attention to it.

After such high achievement, you deserve a special treat.

Spandau Ballet sang:

“Questions questions

Give me no answers

That’s all they ever give me

Questions questions”

But to cut a long story short, this is the moment you start getting answers. Three answers. (Four if you count the last one double.)

First, I’m going to reveal to you the answer to the question that has been bugging you since childhood. People are always asking it. And to be fair, answers are provided. But so many and so varied. It’s all so confusing.

Until now. Relax. At last – here it is.

The answer to the question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Look left. (Thanks to Us Girls Our Views for clearing that one up.)

Second, ever since you saw Sex And The City II, or even worse Holy Water, you’ve been asking yourself and any passing film director this question. How does the movie industry work?

It’s my pleasure to present to you… this short visual revelation.

Third. It’s hot here. It may be hot there.You’re sitting glowing (if you’re a woman), perspiring (if you’re a man) or sweating (if you’re a horse, like me). And you’re wondering where on earth was air conditioning invented anyway? And who had it first?

It’s your lucky day. It seems that a certain wee town’s technological reputation does not rest solely on a big ship that sank on its first voyage. (Though as the T-shirts say – It was fine when it left us.)

Air conditioning was invented at Belfast’s Sirocco works and the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast became the first building in the world to be fitted with air conditioning. (Of course it’s true, it says so here, at the bottom of the page if you follow the link.) Later the RVH became the best hospital in the world to be shot outside.

I don’t know why they needed a/c to cool down. Could they not just have opened the window and let in more rain?

And finally… Some very happy happy good news. My month long on-a-stupid-whim voluntary alcohol ban has just ended. 🙂



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11 responses to “Now look what you’ve done…

  1. I’m speechless in Seattle.

  2. I’m impressed by your powers of abstention.

    In Australia we have something called Dry July going on right now (I am not participating). It’s a lovely idea (raising money for charity).

    Personally I’d rather warm myself up with a nip of good sherry and give the cash directly to the charity saving them the advertising hoo-hah dollars.

  3. Violet – I can’t give up on sherry. Nip is good but use good sherry liberally in stir fry – especially with mushrooms that soak it up mmmmmm. That is my only truly outrageously expensive habit. Cooking sherry just doesn’t cut it.

    No, I need rum for my pecan pie, whiskey for my peach pie and Sangria in summer. Abstain – from anything in summer – c’est impossible.

  4. blackwatertown

    You’re all picking up on the booze ban.
    The “highly prestigious” Trading As WDR blog suggested my exuberance could be the result of overindulgence in unpasteurised beer again. Not true. I will never ever ever drink Hoegaarden Evil Beer again.
    However I have been to two breweries and a winery since yesterday. But that’s proportionate isn’t it?
    @ Violent (from A Novel Idea) – Dry July sounds hellish. Does Ginger Wine count? Surely that qualifies as medicinal.
    @ SamHenry – You’d be surprised at what is possible. However, not everything that is possible is desirable, whether it’s gasping-for-it June or Dry July.
    @ Reading Digest – I’m in heaven. Whilst dealing out liberal dollops of scorn, you described me as “someone who (unlike so many others this week) can actually write”. When I’m published that will be the prime (well, so far only) contendor for the bottom of the front cover comment. I might remove the words “this week”. Just to make it timeless. That OK?

  5. Have a friend in the film industry so that clip just went straight to him very funny. We make a habit of picking product endorsement in fillums, Mac and Coke win hands down . . dry July? are you kidding. Chardy is my saving grace but good on ya for sticking it out through June. Hey Sam, can I come to yours for dinner?

  6. Baino – come right along anytime. We’re casual here in Western New York about everything but our liquor.

    De Toqueville noted when he visited here that the white palaces he admired had, on closer examination, hollow wooden columns, not stone. It can only disappoint if it really matters, n’est-ce pas? Who cares about the house – where’s the wine cellar!

  7. Oh and Baino

    I live in a valley that is home to the second oldest hunt in N. America and still hunting over its original lands. We ride the fox to ground and then leave him alone. There is the occasional “accident” with an exuberant hound.

    We also have foot beagles and I enjoy that since I have had to give up riding.

    We have tea with sherry and etc. after following the Bs.

    It does look a bit like the West Country in Britain around here and several horse loving Brits have moved here.

    I am fortunate. We are trying to preserve this here.

    Visited your blog. You write divinely. I will type no more.

  8. Aidan

    I like the cartoon – a bit strange though.

  9. That is one industrious fowl. Why do I get the feeling it’s secretly injecting those eggs with cyanide?

  10. I’ll Drink To That!

  11. Yay! Cheers! I must say you’ve been blogging at a terrifying rate and I can’t keep up due to summer holidays! One at a time!

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