We are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging

But enough about me.

The young Bob Dylan looking curdled over there is a clever thing. I used to repair snapped home-recorded cassette tapes with sellotape. You could never hear the join (amidst all the normal crackles). I suppose it was preparation for later days working with reel-to-reel, quarter inch tape round my neck like a stethoscope, razor blades and those little yellow crayons. (Don’t worry, I went digital a long time ago. But happy days they were…)

The artist is Erika Iris Simmons, aka iri5, in Atlanta. If you click on the pic it’ll take you to her Ghost in the Machine series of musician portraits.

Erika says this about her series of portraits:

“In this series I showcase a number of portraits of musicians made out of recycled cassette tape with original cassette. Also included are portraits made from old film and reels. The idea comes from a phrase (ironically) coined by philosopher Gilbert Ryle, a description of how your spirit lives in your body. I imagine we are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging.”

We should really have some actual music here. So try this.

What is the most relaxed you have ever been? Who is the most relaxed person you know? Neither can compare with Jaqee.

Perhaps it’s the cool blue she wears, or the enthusiasm surrounding her. What can I say – I love this.

I first saw Jaqee (Jaqueline Nakiri) on the Africa Is a Country blog, and I’ve been meaning to spread the word for a while. So consider yourself told. She’s Ugandan but lives in Sweden. There’s more of her on YouTube if you have a look. There are other good musical offerings at Africa is a Country too.



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17 responses to “We are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging

  1. Also did the reel to reel splices. Much more deterity required than eith today’s digital (seamless?) splicing.

    However, as far as Dylan is concerned, pace Liam Clancy RIP, he could neither sing nor play the mouthorgan. He was a poet and should have stuck to his last.

    • blackwatertown

      That reminds me of a KitKat ad. The music exec tells the rubbish band: “You can’t play. You can’t sing. You’ll go far.”

  2. Scuse the proofreading: eith = with

  3. He went far. Says it all.

  4. Thanks for the Jaqueline Nakiri link.I’ve never heard of her before.
    Poor Old Bob has always got a lot of stick……[‘sticks&stones will…….’] but tape will always mend me

  5. Love the idea of artwork with the old film reals and tapes, very clever. Not a huge fan of the reggae beat I have to admit but you’re right, there’s plenty of talent coming out of Africa.

  6. There are truly great things coming out of Africa but they will never get anywhere at my house until they stop eating gorilla hands and other delicacies. This is the fall back thinking to which women revert when pressed for a comment.

    • Sorry I ws referring to the artistry of the African singer (great things come out of Africa) but nothing African gets far in my house until they stop eatting Gorilla hands. Africans are descimating the Gorilla population killing them to eat specific parts such as their hands. Toto just a song I like about Africa. Sorry for the oblique reference – I can wax a little vague at times. I think in sorthand and forget listeners/readers.

  7. [yooutube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxCJL6GGsdE&feature=related]

  8. Interesting artwork, interesting quote. ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ is one of my all time favorites. Thanks for brightening my day, Paul!

  9. blackwatertown

    Thank you friends for all your comments.
    @ samhenry – You’ve lost me with your gorilla hands and Toto still isn’t my cup of tea all these years later.
    However, that’s some expert driving in the film clip. I’ve never seen The Gods Must Be Crazy – but from the reaction of Comelybanking crisis and exileimaging, perhaps it time I did.

  10. The good ol’ days (cassette tapes)… I did the sticky tape thing and spent many an hour dubbing tape to tape… Backup has come a long way too hey !!

  11. gordoria

    Oh my gosh, I love this. Love Bob Dylan, but the cassette tape thing is just plain cool!

    Eat your veggies!! 🙂

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