Granny in Monet’s Garden

My Granny died this morning. Clare McGuinness née Ivory. It seems like the right thing to do to share this picture of her. We call this picture Granny in Monet’s Garden. Perhaps because of her floppy hat, the water and the sunny peacefulness. (You may know a children’s book called Linea in Monet’s Garden.) The picture was taken by my mother in the garden of my godmother.

What to say? She lived a long life. She achieved a lot. She was the mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many. I’m looking forward to seeing them soon.

I am her eldest grandchild. She was always lovely to me. And to my friends and then to my own children. Caring and tolerant. And the fount of so many stories, which she told so well. I’m glad that mine was one of the many lives enriched by hers.



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24 responses to “Granny in Monet’s Garden

  1. Sympathies.

    Fitting tribute.

  2. An elegant lady in a gentle setting. You are fortunate to have known and been loved by this wonderful sounding soul.

    My condolences.

  3. TaylorGooderham

    I am sorry for your loss. It’s always difficult losing a family member (or other person you were close to). Now, I could fill this post up with things about death, but I think the timing would be inappropriate.

  4. I’m sorry for your loss. Beautiful lady and beautiful photo of her.

  5. Wonderful that you honor her so. I think the love between grandparents and grandchildren strong, and I only hope my granddaughter will value her relationships so. Sorry for your loss.

  6. What a splendid tribute and beautiful picture.

  7. Very sorry for your loss which is often made no lighter even though she was elderly but it sounds like she had a life well lived.

  8. My deepest condolences, Paul. It’s good to see that you’re dealing with your loss in a positive way by honouring and celebrating your grandmother’s life. That’s the best tribute a person can have.

  9. cw

    My sympathies to you & family BWT.

  10. My sympathies, Paul. Grandmothers can be very special. Keep her memory alive.

  11. Lovely photo and tribute Paul, she greatly enriched my life too and was a wonderful example throughout it. I was looking at this photo and many others earlier today, some of which feature your young self. You’ll be seeing me and them very soon. They will make you smile and some may make you laugh!


  12. Lucky you to have known such a precious soul … and to have loving memories to sustain you until you come together again.

    May your days be long and your heart be full – Maxi

  13. Your mother caught a lovely moment with her mother and I love that it is the one thing you want to share about your Gran. It doesn’t matter whose Gran it is, it is a wonderful photo. Worthy of the share at any time.

    It looks as if she might have shared some sensibilities about those tales of hers with you. You remind me of my brother who loved his Gran, too. She was pretty fond of him as well. She’s the Gran from County Clare.

    It reminds me of Marvell’s line about a
    “green thought in a green shade” from The Garden:

    Meanwhile the mind, from pleasure less,
    Withdraws into its happiness :
    The mind, that ocean where each kind
    Does straight its own resemblance find ;
    Yet it creates, transcending these,
    Far other worlds, and other seas ;
    Annihilating all that’s made
    To a green thought in a green shade.

    Here at the fountain’s sliding foot,
    Or at some fruit-tree’s mossy root,
    Casting the body’s vest aside,
    My soul into the boughs does glide :
    There like a bird it sits and sings,
    Then whets and combs its silver wings ;
    And, till prepared for longer flight,
    Waves in its plumes the various light.

  14. Deepest sympathies; all grannies are magical creatures to their grandchildren, and should be cherished forever. Hope she gets a right good send-off.

  15. Thanks everyone, and for the Marvell poem.
    It was a good sad/happy, happy/sad day.

  16. Paul, I am so sorry to hear about your granny. You were blessed to have had her around for as long as you did.

    May her memory be a blessing.


  17. Barbara

    I’m so sorry about your dearly loved grandmother. It sounds like she was pretty special and will be missed very much by many, even as her love lives on in you hearts. I have that book, “Linnea in Monet’s Garden,” and I love it! The title of your picture fits so well!

  18. I came here as a refuge from 9/11 remembrances. Now some idiot burned a Quran page by page at Ground Zero so count on it: he will end up dead and the memorial there when it is completed will be bombed. It is endless. It is is Crusades Redux. I’ve hung up my armor and put my horse in the barn and will not ride out today jousting at an anniversary of hate. I’d rather be here hiding on your blog.

  19. BWT, your life and words are a tribute to your Granny’s love and life. May her legacy live on in you and your children. The place of the eldest grandchild is a special one.

    (so you are a dad? Do you have posts about your kids?)

    • Thanks once again to everyone.
      Kinziblogs – Since you ask, I have not yet posted about my children in any big way. I’m immensely proud of them, but so far I’ve hesitated to put their lives on show.
      Partly because they’d be clearly identifiable. Some bloggers quite reasonably veil their own identity – I have not.
      That’s probably not the full reason though – I may just not have reached that point in sharing yet.
      Perhaps that will change as things evolve.

  20. Yes, I’m a snoop. I just came across this riffling through your archives. It is a beautiful tribute. You seem to have been very fortunate and you deserve it. Time may have passed and it seems to be treating you well. I am thinking good thoughts for you.


  21. blackwatertown

    Thanks Mike. I have indeed been fortunate.

  22. She’s adorable! What an idyllic picture! Thanks for dropping by my blog- i appreciate your comments 🙂

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