World Peace (sponsored by Interflora)

The original caption in the Jordan Times reads: A group of young Muslims heads to the Greek Orthodox Church in Abdali on Monday (Photo by Thameen Kheetan)

This is very cool. Good lads. And good woman who told me about it.

Here’s the original article from the Jordan Times (14th September 2010) – by Thameen Kheetan:

AMMAN – A group of young Muslims on Monday offered flowers to Christian clergymen in Amman as a gesture of “peace and coexistence” against the backdrop of a Florida pastor’s recent threat to burn copies of the Koran.

“Shall we burn a copy of the Bible as a response to that? No, this is not what should be done,” Zeid Oweidi [spelled elsewhere as Zaid Al-Oweidi] told reporters at the Greek Orthodox Church in Abdali yesterday.

Following Al Asr (afternoon) prayers at the King Abdullah I Mosque, Oweidi and a group of 10 people walked to the nearby church, where they greeted the clergymen and other congregation members with bouquets of flowers.

The gesture sought to reaffirm the state of interfaith coexistence in Jordan, he said, adding that Pastor Terry Jones’ plans to burn 20 copies of Islam’s holy book will not affect the “strong” relations between followers of the two religions in the Kingdom, where Christians constitute around 5 per cent of the population.

Oweidi said some Muslim clerics opposed his initiative, but he insisted on going through with it, because “we believe in the positive effect and the peaceful message behind what we are doing”.

Several churches in the country have issued statements over the past week condemning plans by Jones, head of the Florida-based Dove World Outreach Centre, to burn copies of the Koran on Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the US.

Last week, the extremist preacher announced the plan was suspended following conflicting reports about him reaching a deal with New York’s Muslim community not to construct an Islamic centre near Ground Zero.

Jones’ plan was met with protests across the Muslim world, with thousands of people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries staging demonstrations.

Many in the US also protested against the plan, while President Barack Obama and other officials warned it would place American soldiers and diplomats abroad at risk.

The Vatican has also described the plan as an “outrageous and grave gesture”.

In the Amman ceremony yesterday, Economos Constantine Karmash slammed Jones’ “out of tune” behaviour.

“A [Christian] clergyman should believe God’s stricture to ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’,” he said.

I saw this story on the My Treasure blog – subtitle: affirm dignity, expose depravity, provoke longing. (There’s an earlier version of the story on the Ammanet site.) The My Treasure blog concentrates particularly on the issues around so-called honour killings. It also delves into the family life of the author kinziblogs, who is a Christian American woman living in the Jordanian capital Amman. She added her own comments to the story above:

How cool is that?  BTW, our Jordanian church is a part of the group who took out an ad in the paper last week to condemn the acts of the Florida pastor….   When negative minority voices are loud, positive voices must roar.

She’s right, you know.



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9 responses to “World Peace (sponsored by Interflora)

  1. TaylorGooderham

    The man behind the idea of the burnings is an imbecile. I’m hardly a religious fellow (not at all, actually), but doesn’t the bible say something about tolerance towards others?
    Another good post, and methinks I’ll check out that other blog.

  2. BWT, thanks for the honor, the link of an Irishman must bring luck! Oh my, I see I am on your blogroll! Remember me when you are famous.

    Taylor, you are most welcome, be warned I am a religious person, but seem to have a happy following of atheist, Muslim, Christian, gay, straight, dark, light, tall, short international humans. Even an alien, a man with multiple personalities and a crazy lady 🙂

  3. Bravo to these young Muslims. Many of us Floridians believe this pastor is only seeking attention … no Christian would commit such an atrocious act.

  4. Extremists of all stripes are dangerous. The Florida pastor is one of our ‘home grown’ Christian fundamentalist whack jobs, the same type who fear monger about Muslim fundamentalist whack jobs. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing this, Paul, and thanks kinziblogs.

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  6. Thanks for the update. This is the story we like to read. Thank God the Lord Jesus gave us the freedom to love our neighbors ( Muslim, Hindu, Bahi, Sikh, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic and more ) as we love ourselves.

  7. Good find. This is a great story. I’m reposting it.

    I wish more news like this was reported on a more wide basis. Especially here in the states, we don’t ever hear about Muslims acting in any way that doesn’t support the current negative stereotypes.


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