Back to work

This being back in full time work lark is a bit intrusive. Early starts, crowded commutes, missing the school drop off and pick up, drinking curtailed, less time to write breathless prose like this.

But it’s structure – which is important, so I’m told. And they’ll pay me. Sometime soon. And if it ever feels a little like this…

At least it’ll never anywhere near as bad as this…

First, I wrap my arm in a skin for protection

Then I crawl in the pit.

Let’s light the place up a bit.

There she is

Those are her eggs.

I let her take my protected arm, sort of like noodling for fish.

Then my buddy pulls me out with snake attached.

Ain’t she a beaut?

Whoa,  that’s a biggie.

(Thanks to Colt Monday and yougottobekidding, from where I nicked these – though goodness knows the original source.)



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14 responses to “Back to work

  1. TaylorGooderham

    Okay, that takes the record for crappy job (as far as I’ve seen). What’s your job?

  2. My own mind-numbing, soul-crushing, life-force sucking job suddenly doesn’t look nearly so bad. Thanks, Paul!

  3. I’ve had some pretty crappy jobs in my day but I gotta tell ya … this one is the pits.

  4. Oh my . . yep, makes working with a bunch of accountants the safest job in the world. Some of the clients are vipers mind you! And yeh, I guess full time employment gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Frankly, I prefer a lie in. . .bring on retirement *laughs hysterically at the prospect of being able to afford to retire*

  5. At least there is only one snake in the pit. Try telling ghost stories to 8th graders for a living.

    • blackwatertown

      Thanks. I feel much luckier now.
      I got to smash in the front door of the office this week (keys had been lost). Deadlines were looming, but mainly, it was fun.
      Taylor Gooderham – I produce a TV show.

  6. Hi there…finally found my way back here…you were the first one to visit my W/P site after I was catapulted into it from Spaces Live recently! Have been busy “decorating” the place and collecting up spaces friends but now I have had 5 mins to return and check you out properly 🙂 I will never again complain about my job after reading this btw!!! I could never do that snake thing! Not ever!!! You have good posts here. I will be back 🙂 Stop by anytime…you are very welcome…

  7. I’m curious to know about the new jobbie-job, too. You’d better fess up. Some days I feel like I’m wrastling with snakes, especially when dealing with all this plagiarism that has been rampant this semester.

    • I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging about it – especially since going out drinking with my new colleagues the other night. (I discovered to my relief that they do in fact drink and swear – a lot – though usually in connection with a particular individual.)

      I said something about it in reply to Taylor above, but I might wait a wee bit longer to elaborate on that.

  8. Mabruuk, BWT!!! Well, not the boring bits of the new job, but after those images, I will be breathlessly happy to face the room of 12 year boys I teach Sunday School for. Thanks for the reality check.

    Well, producing a TV show. Published author. Quick send me a scanned autograph so I can say I knew you while just an impoverished writer. Maybe you’ve never been that 🙂

    good’s Friday 🙂

  9. Katty Stone

    Interesting read. Thanx. Looking forward to reading more soon.
    Pretty good design too, but have you considered changing it from time to time?

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