But I ordered the lobster

I was at the memorial service for former BBC broadcasting colleague Allan Robb today (9th November). Allan died earlier this year. The service at All Souls in London was lovingly well organised, poignant and joyous.

People spoke – very aptly. One, his old friend Nicky Campbell, told this story (apologies for any inaccuracies on my part): Nicky and Allan were out one day when Allan collapsed in the street. An ambulance arrived and after some effort, Nicky managed to chivvy Allan inside. Pleased to have a new audience for his stories, Allan entertained the ambulance crew en route to hospital. On arrival Allan was decanted and wheeled to a ward, whereupon some “four day old NHS mush” was presented to him.

Never failing to rise to the occasion, Allan immediately responded: “But I ordered the lobster.”

Thanks to the organisers – and Allan – for a great day. It was lovely to see old friends and remember.


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2 responses to “But I ordered the lobster

  1. It’s inspiring when remembrance of death becomes a celebration of life.

    I was once at such an inspiring ceremony for a friend at Mount Jerome cemetery:

    And the bit of fun brings the person alive:

    Sympathies on the loss of your former colleague. He sounds like a great guy. I’m sure the world is poorer for the loss of a dedicated broadcaster and good human being.

    Fitting that he should be remembered in such terms in the blogosphere (yours and Nicky’s).

  2. How sad to lose this man…he looks to have been a lovely man and no doubt a great broadcaster, and it sounds like he was a real character too. I am sorry for this loss of a man who was clearly a much appreciated collegue. But your post here is a credit to him and to yourself. I find it inspirational that even though he can be with you no longer, he was still at the heart of a celebration of his life. Peace to you my friend…

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