Little bird on a wire

This is true high adrenalin film making – far from home, forests, rebels lurking, soldiers hunting them, language problems, poisonous snakes, poisonous bees, a shoestring budget and transport via a wire 1,000 feet up.

It’s a mate of mine, Jesse Quinones, and his brother Daniel – they’re Woolfcub Productions.

This intrepid pair are currently somewhere around Guayabetal, Colombia making their film The Cable. They can explain the plot:

The story? In a nutshell, it is about a farming community who live on this mountain, and their only means of transport is a cable, which connects their mountain to another. The cable is approximately 1000 feet high and 400 feet wide.

You can follow their progress as they shoot the film at their blog The Cable. Here’s a little taster of what they’re trying to convey:

The children arrived at around 9 with their father Ruben. The boy was five and the girl was 11. Both were confident and a little excited by our presence. We asked if they felt nervous before going on the cable. ‘No,’ the boy said. ‘It’s normal.’ Ruben clung himself to the cable and then put the boy into a sack. The boy sat their patiently like a pile of potatoes while Ruben latched himself to the girl.

Even though they regard this as normal, I notice that there is an air of anxiety and excitement every single time they embark on the cable. I started to feel very tense myself, especially at the sight of this little boy in there. He was peaking out bravely, telling us again how easy it was. The way the sack fastens to the metal bit is simply by poking a hole through it. So it is hardly secure, especially given that the person riding the cable travels in excess of 100 km per hour. It is a recipe for disaster.

I’m excited and anxious for Jesse and co as I read about their film making – never mind the poor souls who have to live in what sounds like a blighted valley. I hope they return safe. The film should be something to behold.



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13 responses to “Little bird on a wire

  1. It sounds utterly fascinating and not a drug cartel in sight. I will follow this with great interest.

    They will have yet another great cinematic opportunity when this is completed. It will be capturing the fall of the western world as we bail out the ships of our relative states and trim our sails against the harsh winds of inflation. What we all have ahead will make travel in a sack by cable seem like a piece of cake. I heard on the TV just today that corn will be $11 per ear within 10 years; a loaf of bread about $20. Well, it looks as if farming will again be a way of life around here. Subsistence farming that is. The job situation is bad and getting worse. 45 people laid off at the local university; 3 laid off by the town and on and on. Politicians have gone one too many times to the well for taxes. Sorry. Way off topic but I come here to artfully vent.

    • blackwatertown

      Well that’s what film is supposed to do isn’t it? Inspire you to think…

      Thanks for the nudge about the non-working links in the posts. They’re fixed now.

  2. yes, it looks a good film.Chilling that this is “normal”.
    A metaphor for many things in The World.

  3. Looks really interesting – something to look out for.

  4. This reminds me of a documentary I saw of a brother and sister who rode a rope attached to a wheel hundreds of feet above the forest.

    They did this every day to go to school. It was pins and needles until they reached the other side.

    Waiting… Maxi

  5. Lord, that is one big piece of salmon your are holding there. Small wonder you have such heavy cable to reel it up. Gotta be a record. I have friends on the staff of FISHING LIFE MAGAZINE . Perhaps we can negotiate as I just love salmon.

  6. Great story and adventure going on over there. Thanks for the link.

  7. What I like about this is it’s the perfect example of the “kiss” rule.

    Farmer #1: Wow, it sure is tiring climbing this mountain. I wish we could find an easier way.
    Farmer #2: Well, I’ve got some cable and a sack.
    Farmer #1: Idea!

    This looks like a fascinating, if nerve-wracking, documentary!

  8. Ha normal is a cycle on a washing machine to me. Dangerous pursuits for children so young and I thought crossing the road was risky. Looking for ward to the completed work. That’s some flying fox.

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