A creature great in smalls

I love clever newspaper headlines.  Is this the new daddy of them all?

A creature great in smalls

It’s from a piece by Times journalist Luke Leitch, about Mark and Spencers underwear model, Ana Beatriz Barros. Though I imagine some unsung subeditor actually came up with the headline – a pun on James Herriot’s 1970s book All Creatures Great and Small, about life as an English country vet. His or her linking between that and a picture of a Brazilian lingerie model made me smile. (I can’t link to the article because of the Times paywall.)

[STOP PRESS: The genius behind the “A creature great in smalls” headline was Emma Bartley – thanks to Times writer Luke Leitch who left a comment below.]

It’s not often that a woman in her “smalls” looks out from this blog. Now you know why she’s here this time.

But hold on, surely this next headline is far more imaginative and serious pretender to the headline throne. It’s mentioned in this letter to the Guardian newspaper, from Rob Lehmann in Buckingham:

It is surprising that reference hasn’t been made to the infamous fish-eating competition in Scotland, eventually won by a Swede when the Scottish contestant lost a tooth. The local newspaper’s headline the following day summed it up: One Tooth Free For Fife‘s Hicks, Sven Ate Nine Tench.

C’mon! That’s mighty, isn’t it? (And that’s also Nick Parry holding the tench at Ireland’s Clare Lakes in July 2005.)

However, if the first headline was from the London Times, I suspect that second one is from the Apocryphal Times.

Thinking about it again, neither really hold a candle to this sublime set of words from Scotland. And this time it really has been in print.

It’s from the Sun newspaper and refers to a Scottish football (soccer) match. (Read it aloud in the style of supercallifragilisticexpialidoious.)

Super Caley Go Ballistic Celtic Are Atrocious

That was about Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC (“Caley”) beating Glasgow Celtic, one of the two giants of Scottish football. Celtic fans may not want to click here for memories of the 3-1 defeat in 2000.

Any better headlines out there?



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11 responses to “A creature great in smalls

  1. What a great headline, Super Caley… started sayin’ it right off.

  2. Luke Leitch

    A Creature Great In Smalls is a brilliant headline – and much wittier than the piece it accompanied! It was the work of an excellent Times sub named Emma Bartley.

    • blackwatertown

      Startling to have you comment here Luke – and very welcome.
      Thanks for pointing the finger of praise to where it is due.

  3. “Women are Beautiful.” – Garry Winogrand

  4. My favorite came from a campus newspaper at Harvard that discussed something to do with student happiness. They featured a group of students dressed in Medieval garb demonstrating with the headline “Serf’s Up.” Only in America.

    Intriguing post. Gave me relief from the State of the Union Speech. If there is no crown, orb and scepter, I’m not interested, Barack. Get back in the armored state coach and head back to the palace.

  5. Headline of the future:

    “Obamas Not Wanted at the Wedding.”

    No one has come out and said exactly that but someone will….

  6. “Haddock to speak at UKIP meeting”
    has a certain charm………..

  7. CW

    There ‘s the classic wartime headlines which still capture the inagination:

  8. blackwatertown

    Thanks for the headlines folks.

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