Worst drink in the world?

Ever tried this? Grass jelly drink.

As you see, it comes in cans. I tried it for the first time in a Malaysian basement canteen. Maybe I should have heeded the handwritten sign on the door which said Only Malaysians Admitted. Once inside though, they were a friendly bunch and the food was good.

But the grass jelly drink… Ugh. Unpleasant slightly disturbing liquid – little taste, just mild anxiety. The diced green  jelly lurks at the bottom of the can like freshwater crocs in a flooded Queensland town. The sensation as they slip down your throat, or more likely get stuck in your teeth, is not nauseating. No, it’s not as bad as that. It couldn’t be a bush tucker challenge on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. But you do wonder as you screw up your face and carry on determinedly, whether it’s worth it?

The answer by the way is – No.

Still, at least it’s not Budweiser.



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5 responses to “Worst drink in the world?

  1. Oh God, I had a cup of tea in Bangkok only a few days ago that was more horrid that grass jelly. It’s an Asian thing, maybe.

  2. Grass Jelly? Weird name.

    All in the taste buds, I guess. Lots of blokes here in the States like Budweiser, so maybe they would take a likin’ to grass jelly.

    Not me. I can’t stand any kind of beer.

  3. TaylorGooderham

    My friend got me to drink something which she described as “bird spit”. Yeah, pretty accurate.

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