Happy St Patrick’s Day (from an unlearned exile)

James Joyce. Writer, musician and singer, in Zurich, 1915.

And now this is another thing I’ve got in common with James Joyce… We’ve both been in Switzerland for St Patrick’s Day – which is today. Though I’m not planning to spend quite so many here as he did.

Greetings to everyone, from one who – like St Paddy – is “first of all, countrified, an exile, evidently unlearned, one who is not able to see into the future…”

I wish you strength in times of tribulation and the ability to take joy when it’s possible.

But I should really be offering something more amusing than that. Oh yes – there’s always my favourite St Patrick’s Day joke – it’s here. (Sorry, I’ve just the one.)



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3 responses to “Happy St Patrick’s Day (from an unlearned exile)

  1. I almost forgot I’ve got a real Irishman to greet on St. Patrick’s Day!! The 6.25% of me that is Irish is jigging in Jordan for you in der Schweiz.

  2. Barbara Rodgers

    A belated Happy St Patrick’s Day to you! I hope you had a nice day, and I liked the cartoon/joke a lot. We missed our local St Patrick’s Day Parade, too stuffed and tired after going to a retirement lunch (at a Japanese hibachi steak house) for one of Tim’s co-workers. Not a very Irish day I’m afraid…

  3. Hmm…St Patick’s Day….forgot all about it till I went out on the town that evening and found town to be alive with legless paddy’s in funny top hats falling at my feet!! Never realised there were that many paddy’s round here 😉

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