A joke for Europe

Greetings from Füssen in Bavaria.

You’ve heard of A Song For Europe? (It’s almost that time again – the Eurovision Song Contest is in Dusseldorf this year.) Well – here’s a joke for Europe.

An Irishman, a Greek, a Portuguese and a German walk into a bar.

The German pays.

Boom boom.

That may be it from me till I reach a keyboard with more familiar symbols. Which is when I’ll let you in on a startling discovery I made in Berlin.


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4 responses to “A joke for Europe

  1. It’s the boom boom bit that worries me.
    Apocalypse now?

  2. Boom bang-a-bang, as Lulu would say!

  3. You may soon have to amend the joke to read ‘An Irishman, a Greek, a Portuguese, an AMERICAN, and a German…’

  4. Actually I have never heard of a Song for Europe sooo…

    Boom Boom sounds good to me.

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