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What Pontius Pilate did next

Staff hand washing training consultant

Just spotted a great new opportunity in the staff training field.

Forget about computer system familiarisation, fire evacuation procedures or even how to lift boxes. I’ve discovered a niche that really is money for old soap-on-a-rope. Continue reading



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Date for your diary

Winding River - William Steiger (USA) 1997 exhibition

And when I say “date” I mean it in both the calendar and the “let’s meet” sense.

The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition opens on 7th June and runs till 15th August. It’s described (admittedly by the RA itself) as:

An essential part of the London art calendar, The Royal Academy‘s Summer Exhibition is the largest open contemporary art exhibition in the world, drawing together a wide range of new and recent work by established, unknown and emerging artists.

If that sounds good to you, dear Reader, and you’ll be in London, perhaps we can go together? Continue reading


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