It’s raining rabbits

Weird weather we’re having at the moment.

Raining cats and dogs? Cloudy with meatballs?

It’s been raining rabbits here.

We found this sad specimen in the back garden. (Thanks to Olly for the photo.) It didn’t lollop in and just expire. It didn’t look as though it had been deposited by Indie (Indiana Jones, next door’s cat) or a fox.

Must have been dropped by a red kite. They were reintroduced in our area a few years ago, and are now thriving. Over the past few weeks, one has been circling low over our end of the road, keeping a predatory eyes on us all.

They’re fascinating and thrilling to watch. Maybe the rabbit is part of the performance? Or perhaps it was dropped accidentally.

I don’t fancy having to throw it back up again. Could get tedious if he keeps dropping it on purpose – like throwing a stick for a dog.

Maybe it’s time to break out the umbrellas, for fear of falling bunnies. Newton had it easy. Only apples to contend with.



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18 responses to “It’s raining rabbits

  1. That’s new!! Do you live in the countryside?

  2. We had enough rain to wash the bunnies away! 😦

  3. Maybe the Kite wants to take the rabbit elsewhere but it’s too heavy. This is a sad situation.

  4. I would never get my three dogs to come inside if it rained rabbits. It’s rained pitch forks and little green frogs here, but never rabbits! For that matter, our comings and goings have never been monitored by Red Kites either. As long as I wasn’t on it’s menu, I think it would be cool to be under its watchful eye.

  5. Madison Woods

    Once a dead robin dropped from the sky beside me, and I suspect it was breakfast for the falcon I’d seen earlier in the week. Strange thing to happen, that’s for sure. Glad it wasn’t a rabbit!

  6. Your on a roll. Your on a blogroll. Check it out over at Speaking from the Heart:

  7. Poor bunny. But no bunnies dropping from the sky here. Just political posters blown off lampposts by gale-force winds. Politicians proving hazardous yet again.

  8. No, poor bunny! Clumsy bird! That would be dreadful to have a dead bunny land on your head.

  9. VenomousFlower

    Awww, that’s so sad 😦

  10. Barbara Rodgers

    Poor rabbit! I do hope this is all part of the natural web of life, but I do wonder why it wasn’t yet eaten. Perhaps it ate something poisonous? I’m sure the insects will take care of matters pretty soon. It is thrilling to watch raptors on the lookout for prey as they swoop and glide through the sky. Been seeing a lot of hawks around here in recent years.

  11. Hmm could do with a flock of ’em here. Red Kites not bunnies, I have a shitload of those!

  12. Victim of a cat—as a serial killer?

    Don’t know about your neck of the world,
    but I’ve done-in a few of them over here—
    the last one as feral as feral could be—
    weighed in at almost forty pound
    (3 stones if you are across the pond).

    Your bunny could have been too large
    to be put at mistress door
    (see my recent post, ‘To Kill a Cat,’
    so was left obscenely for you to find.

    Bunnies left behind by such a villein in my domain
    would have been lifted off by eagle or hawk,
    carried away to den by fox,
    or stripped in place by vultures galore.

  13. blackwatertown

    @ holessence – Pitchforks?! That’s too hardcore for me. (And thanks for the link.)
    @ Madison – Just think of it as fast food, delivered to your outstretched hand.
    @ Nick – You’re lucky it was just political posters falling from the lamp posts, it could have been the politicians –
    @ duckofindeed – though if it landed just right, you could maybe act like it was a hat – Davy Crocket style.
    @ Venomousflower & Barbara – Bunny didn’t get much sympathy round our way. But yes, thrilling to watch the kites circle.
    @ Baino – I’ve a feeling that our red kites could turn into one of those situations where you introduce a predator, which then goes on to itself be a pest. Give it a couple of years and we’ll be hearing that in order to control the kites, they’re introducing… oh… dragons probably.
    @ philc33 – I think a lot of people feel the way you expressed it in your poem. Is it possible to love both birds and cats?

  14. Please send your Red Kites Icewolf’s way…I have a RAT in my kitchen!! It was scrabbling around in the oven last night??!!! And there was me thinking I’d met all my new housemates in the latest accomodation!!

  15. Brings to mind the song: It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah ~ I wonder what the dogs would sing?
    PS and thanks for visiting me!

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