Katy Perry and me

You’ve probably heard those rumours about Katy Perry and me.

Well, it’s true.

And now that there are pictures to prove it, there’s no point in me trying to keep it a secret any longer. I’ve scrapped the super injunction.

As gentleman, I’d not normally kiss and tell, but she started it.

After that much pictured moment, I heard her say something like: “I kissed a Roo and I liked it.”

And sure who wouldn’t?

Sam Henry

At this point some of you may be thinking that I’ve lost the plot completely and am definitely away with the fairies.

Well… probably. But it’s more that this post may only mean anything at all to SamHenry of On My Watch. So I’ll let that poor pooch explain.

In the meantime, here’s some surveillance film of Katy with my main rival. He’s a bit of a monster if truth be told. See for yourself.



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12 responses to “Katy Perry and me

  1. Well Roo, it’s obvious you’re in la la land … eyes closed and all. Aah, it’s a wonderful life.

  2. Here in USA we are learning to kiss employment, health care, pension, livable wages and affordable living “goodbye”

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  4. A hearty chuckle — what a great way to launch the day!

  5. Maxine – you are deserving of an explanation in full – see my blogpost of this date.

    Roo, I’ve clarified all on my blog this day. Only writers of fiction withhold details and leave it to others to fill in the blanks. You would never break the flow of a line for a detail or even allow a footnote to one.

    People should tune to this blog or the other for the further blogging adventures of Roo and Dog. Silly, silly, silliness – la, la, la “and yackety”.
    [A friend’s mother used to “yack” on with stories and end them with “and yackety.” Yack = talk on.

    Mind you, Roo has “special” relationships with all of his many friends. Some are just more obscure in nature like the one he as with SamHenry. Only a Roo and a Dog speak the language they have developed.

  6. when things in the world become too, tooo….. it’s good to escape to fantasy land on the secret ladder which goes from heart to mind! you did it well!

  7. So well put sorrygnat. I must rip this off immediately with full attribution of course.

  8. Very silly .. . although how that thing looks like a Roo, I’ll never know.

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  11. Can think of worse things to kiss than a “roo”!! I would prefer that my Prince Charming started out as a furball rather than a slimbeball!

  12. Chen

    aaaaaadorable. both of them. tho’ in v different ways i add quickly…!

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