Reasons to be cheerful – Your own water powered jet pack

OK, so we now know that Woody Allen is a bit of a miserable bugger, but even he would be cheered up by these revelations.

1. The water-propelled personal jet pack

That’s gotta be cool. And safer than grappling with a loaded fire hose. At a recent school trip to the local fire station, the children were told to stand on a hose laid across the floor. Then a firefighter turned on the water and they were all sent flying.

Ah – one drawback with this jetpack – it only works over water. At least that means a softer landing. And it’s also a teensy weensy bit expensive. (Company website here.)

Two caveats – you end up looking a bit like the neck of the Loch Ness monster – and I’m not sure how well bikinis would survive the trip.

2. The bicycle umbrella – People may think you’re mad or Japanese, but at least you won’t have a wet face while cycling in the rain. (I tend to associate odd gadgets with Japan.)

Actually this is more of a roof and windscreen, than an umbrella. It doesn’t come with wipers – so slow down. And mind you don’t get blown away in a cross wind.

Here it is in action.

Silly, isn’t it? Be cheerful that you do NOT possess a bike umbrella. (You can put the money towards a water powered jet pack instead.)

Although if you tend to cycle with your mouth open, this could be the innovation to stop those pesky insects flying down your gullet.

3. The chainless bicycle – So there you are, nice and dry under your bicycle umbrella, when suddenly your chain snags or comes off. So you have to get wet and oily and dirty fitting it back on.

Good news – those days could soon be gone thanks to the Alpha Bike. It’s a prototype from the University of Pennsylvania that has a fully internal chainless drive that can be switched between fixed gear drive and freewheel electronically. The bike’s drivetrain, brake systems and onboard electronics are all concealed inside the custom-machined frame and an LCD display on the handlebars updates the rider on important journey information.

Looks very good. No idea how it is to ride.

Now then. Feeling more cheerful?



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5 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful – Your own water powered jet pack

  1. If I had a bike, I’d like the hood/umbrella! I wonder if I could adapt it for going walking?

  2. Children standing on a huge hose used to ward off fires – then sent flying when firefighter turns on the water?

    I’m with Grannymar, if I had a bike I too would like the hood.

  3. blackwatertown

    @ Grannymar & Maxi – Ah no – step away from the weird bike umbrella. Try a sombrero, anything, instead.
    The kids on hose episode was during a fire station visit – the Brownies (part of the Scouting Association – for girls).

  4. It should be a hot seller in India where people use motor cycles and scooters to move around. The chainless cycle too should be as there is an increasing shift to bicycles from motorcycles due to parking and fuel cost considerations. Yes, I am now more cheerful!

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