Bin Laden, the barking seal and the royal lookalikes

New takes on recent events.

1. The Royal Wedding.

Remember how you were saying to yourself as you watched the royal wedding, how some of the main players looked looked naturally – but also strangely – familiar? This is why.

It’s also one of the reasons you should subscribe to or buy Private Eye magazine. The availability of which is one of the benefits of living in the UK. (No censor cutting out politically inconvenient stories as it passes through customs.) The lookalike photos were sent in by readers.

2. The bumping off of Osama bin Laden.

This is one for Thurber fans.

"All right, have it your way - you heard a seal bark" - by NB after Thurber

You can find the Private Eye website here. But there’s much more in the print version.

Neither of the images here are on the official website, hence the poor quality photographs by me. If you’re in India or the USA, the print edition may not be handy – so think of it as prosletysing and a public service.



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8 responses to “Bin Laden, the barking seal and the royal lookalikes

  1. A print publication that still makes money on subs/cover price alone. They decided long ago that the website would just be a taster/plug for the main event, rather than a digital simulacrum of it. And still pretty funny.

  2. Póló

    Cartoon is priceless.

    Tidied up version here:

    • blackwatertown

      Ah thanks. Hey – what’s happened to your blog? Clicking on your name doesn’t get me there.

      • It’s a bit complicated.

        I’m with Blogger, but I have a WordPress ID. I was logged into WordPress to make the Avatar appear here, but didn’t realise it would mess up the blog link.

        So you’ll just have to make do with me without the avatar here.

        Think of it like radio vs tv 🙂

  3. We had 24/7 coverage of wedding for a week so I didn’t watch. Still, funny photos.

    The barking seal pic is hysterical. Bin Laden and company were probably so complacent they never heard it coming.

  4. Thank you for thinking about me! In India, the cartoons about Osama doing the rounds on the internet are far more graphic!

  5. Another great morning chuckle – THANK YOU!

  6. You made me smile. Thank you.

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