Forget paperbacks or ebooks – the next books are on T-shirts

Hardbacks, paperbacks and now ebooks too. What do they have in common? They’re old news.

You could be reading – or publishing – your next book on a T-shirt.

The Swedish magazine T-Post – which bills itself as the world’s first wearable magazine – is already here.

The picture is on the outside, and the text is elsewhere.

What? It’s elsewhere, is the text. Not where the picture is.

OK OK – the text is on the inside of the T-shirt. I know – hard to read. But just think, you’ll have a reason to wear the same T-shirt two days running. Just turn it inside out. People can read the story. You’ll save on washing. And readers will be too busy squinting at the words to notice the smell.

Of course, to read it yourself will require a mirror, and fluency in mirror writing. Unless you simply grab the hem, stretch out the T-shirt and try to read it upside down.

It could just as easily sport a haiku

Alright- so there may be teething problems, you Luddite. But just think of the new life it could give to publishing?

Novels on trench coats. Short stories on jackets. Poetry on crop tops. And haikus on bikinis.

Why wear a top advertising Guinness or Gap when you could show the world your love of WB Yeats’s work and prosletise at the same time.

No doubt Guinness will be one of the first to adapt to the new phenomenon. That was the Dubliners聽(good band) reciting The Workman’s Friend by Irish poet Flann O’Brien/Myles na gCopaleen/Brian O’Nolan from Strabane. It could look good on a waistcoat, don’t you think?

And Fay Weldon may be quick to write the fashion version of the Bulgari Connection.

But isn’t this the magic answer for holidays? No need to choose between clothes and books when you’re packing. They’ll be one and the same.

And if you’re caught staring on the beach – well, just say you’re doing a bit of holiday reading.

(Thanks to the Writers Beware blog for the pointer.)



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11 responses to “Forget paperbacks or ebooks – the next books are on T-shirts

  1. Oh my gosh, this is hysterical! And you’re right, The Dubliners are a good band — I’ve been playing my bodhr谩n to their music for years!

    • blackwatertown

      I have one too (borrowed, er, long term, from a sister) that gets a battering at times. You have to watch out for sweaty hand syndrome though, if you’re playing long and hot. The tapper used to occasionally fly out of my hand and hit the violin player.

  2. Ah ha! I have a solution for the old sweaty hand syndrome. I wrap a fat rubber band around the (almost, not quite) center of my tipper. It’s the perfect for non-slip gripping. I hold the slightly longer end away from the drum head, and the shorter end closer to the head. It works GREAT — give it a shot!

  3. This is hilarious. Love it.

    Also, do you have a twitter “handle”?

    ‘Cuz this twit just tweeted you. 馃槈

  4. The lines of my face and the color of my hair reveal 61 years of stories. This type of publishing has been around for some time(the beginning of time). Perhaps this is the origin of that saying “I can read you like a book.”

  5. blackwatertown

    @ holessence – Good tip. But maybe I like the sense of jeopardy. The fiddler, however, thanks you.
    @ Ren茅e – Villageip – you may notice that a familiar equine head has just begun following. Thanks for that.
    @ Carl – So when you go through security at the airport do the checkers think either:
    Great, no need to frisk him, it’s all transparently on show.
    No way! I don’t have time to read all that! Just go through sir.

  6. mm hmmmm . . I have no idea what you’re talking about sweaty palms, clappers and tippers best left alone methinks.

  7. Why did the words ‘Soft Porn’ spring into my mind?

  8. Forget about the problems of texting while walking. This gives new meaning to “bumping into one another.”

  9. So in future when we go into the newsagent, there won’t be piles of papers, just piles of T shirts?

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