True romance

Gallant Sir Walter - famous for doing things he didn't - like laying his cloak over a puddle in front of Queen Elizabeth (and infamous for doing things he did - the odd forgotten massacre in Ireland - but that's off the subject).

Forget Walter Raleigh.

Forget that pathetic bit at the end of  Four Weddings and a Funeral – “Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed.” Pass the sickbag, quick.

This is what I call romantic.

True, it could have gone terribly wrong.

A bit of nose picking at the wrong time. A sneaky arse scratch while under surveillance. (You’ll see what I mean.) But isn’t that jeopardy part of what it’s all about?

I defy you to watch this and not be impressed.

I saw it at ColtMonday. The film maker Michael Escobar is here. The happy couple Matt and Ginny are here.

But can you outdo Matt with an even grander/cuter/more daring story?

Or perhaps you have a cringeworthy memory of a grand romantic gesture that went badly wrong.

I may share one in the comments. We’ll see.



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15 responses to “True romance

  1. I already watched that video in facebook, and it’s so sweet 😀

  2. A man would have to go some to outdo Matt but…

    Our grandson did things the old-fashioned way and went to girlfriend’s father to ask for her hand. It was so touching that future father-in-law was in tears.

  3. Love it. But then I have lived inside a docu-drama produced, directed and lived by SamHenry. There is background music and commentary as I go about life “here she comes. Doesn’t she look well today. I’ve never seen her look so well and she is prepared for this, yes, it’s been a long time in the offing. Is she…ah, yes…I do believe we have it now…[and of course after this I could either burp, fart, walk off, fall asleep or whatever]. That’s just one of the stock lines. Whenever I got off a plane “here she comes..yes that is she..just behind the steward…she hasn’t been here in such a long time and of course the crowd is anxious to see her [my brother]. And yackety…la, la, la.

  4. blackwatertown

    @ Nina – You’re so ahead of me.
    @ Maxi – What a shame. You’d think the girl’s father could have hidden his disappointment until your grandson had left the room. Some people are so picky picky picky.
    @ SamHenry – I like the idea of a running commentary – as long as it’s an adoring running commentary.

  5. Oh my GOSH, that was FANTASTIC!

  6. Hear, what’s this then?


    • blackwatertown

      You see? That’s what happens when I go out. No peace. People pestering me. It was Kate Hudson the other day in Devon.
      Ah well, it’s the price I pay for being so cute.

  7. Barbara

    Simply cannot top that proposal story! If Matt & Ginny have kids think how much they’ll enjoy watching this when the inevitable “how did Dad propose to Mom” question arises!

  8. Am I odd? I would hate that.

  9. Totally impressed, speechless and smiling ear to ear. I love it!

  10. Made this old buzzard have tears in his eyes, it did. Thanks BWT.

  11. Not Her AGAIN! Everytime I Go To The Pictures She’s Sat Right In Front Of Me!

  12. Yes, yes, but did she ever get to see the film she went to watch?
    Like Grannymar I’d hate that, but it is fabulous to watch.

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