Is this the best job in the world?

Is this the best job in the world?

No – I’m not talking about looking after that island off the Queensland coast. According to the bloke who won the competition to do it, it wasn’t as much fun as he’d expected. It tired him out. Too much blogging too.

And it’s not this massage man either.  As he says himself, he doesn’t even get to belong to a trade union and he has to work all hours.  (Question: Should I have embedded the video in this post? Or is it too saucy? Or just funny? Let me know. Really.  I have to keep tabs on my Charlotte Rampling rating.)

He longs for his own little desk. And no wonder. He must have heard of this person. The person I met last week. The person who really does have the best job in the world.

He – or she – works in a British government department of diminishing importance with nobody you’ve ever heard of in charge. Best not say exactly which one. It’s somewhere round there on the right.

(The “he or she” bit is to conceal his or her identity, though you’ll probably manage to narrow it down. Or will you? Let’s not jump to conclusions regarding sexual preferences.)

His or her office looks over this place on the right. You can see one of Her Majesty’s finest on sentry duty, with somebody in fancy dress posing next him. Probably a tourist or some bloke on a stag party. Presumably the groom who’s been made to wear that shiny hat as a dare.

Actually I’m misleading you. That pair are guarding the front of Horse Guards.

The view I’m leading up to is at the rear of the building, where you can often see a lineup like this. Note the sandy ground underhoof.

I sense you’re feeling underwhelmed so far. Apart from those who get a thrill from the canter and clink of cavalry. But looking out on this day after day… Hardly the best job in the world, is it?

Bear with me. From July 28th to August 9th next year, the view from his or her dull desk will be one of the world’s most coveted. People will be paying up to £450 for what he or she will be getting for free. In fact, he or she will be getting paid for it. He or she will be one of the few people actually looking forward to going totheir office during the 2012 London Olympics.

You must have worked it out by now.  Next summer the guys on horseback will be giving way to top athletes like these – seen congratulating each other after a hard won victory.

It’s that new and instantly popular Olympic sport – beach volleyball. I wonder my friend’s office will have a take-your-friend-to-work day? Perhaps he or she will be able to rent out the corner of their desk for perching purposes.

The military parade ground is due to be transformed into an arena like this.

Wouldn’t it be awful if he or she was transferred before next summer?

I can guess what some of you are thinking? How do I get to know this person with such great access to the event of the year? Isn’t it appalling the way some people trivialize a serious competitive sport?

Absolutely. I don’t how the organizing committee for Olympic beach volleyball who set the dress code for athletes can live with themselves either.

I’m sure my friend with the view will be writing in to complain.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed that the men’s beach volleyball teams are not compelled to compete in speedos. Funny that.

Though perhaps the sight of bouncing budgie smugglers at close range might be too much for the stalwarts on security duty.  Pass the smelling salts.



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7 responses to “Is this the best job in the world?

  1. Oh now that was fun! Great blog I really enjoyed it…something to do with your sense of humour lol…always good to find a reason to smile on a Bank Holiday morning 🙂

  2. The best job in the world belongs to:

    Those who can arise when they please, can work in their pjs, love their job at the keyboard, try to bring joy with their words, don’t need pay for their labor…

  3. Oh my gosh — I just blew morning coffee out my nose laughing so hard!

  4. Can’t say I have any interest in beach volleyball, even if the participants are scantily clad and look like the youthful Charlotte Rampling. Anyway, wouldn’t he/she be preoccupied with their work schedule, with not much time to gawp out of the window?
    I think the best job in the world would actually be an artist. Be your own boss, work when the inspiration strikes, hopefully make large sums of money from tiny canvases, and not have to go on regular imbecilic “refresher courses” to update your skills.

  5. Here in Miami beach volleyball is pretty popular. And we get the view from about ten feet away. This is one of my favorite pictures of the ladies ☞
    Anyway, I’ve never heard of budgie smugglers. Top shelf funny!


    • blackwatertown

      A link has been added to the budgie smugglers to explain. I think Clive James preferred to think of them as concealing a squirrel – though he was always fairly up front and confident about his attributes.

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