Trunk Monkey

I’m off camping shortly, so this’ll have to be quick.

I should really have packed by now, but the tent is ready and the beer is stowed, so there’s just time to (re?)introduce you to an irresistible motoring innovation – the trunk monkey.

These clips are definitely entertaining.

I know, I know – doesn’t look like a monkey at all. But it’s what they call it. Apes have to put up with a lot.

Anyway – would this persuade you to buy a truck from this dealership? I’m tempted.

I’m also extra scared. It was bad enough having to worry about gun toting drivers. This adds a whole new dimension of driving terror.

Though what happens if one trunk monkey encounters another? Does professional etiquette forbid conflict? Or does is become gladiatorial? Or do they just fake it to look good for their drivers WWF-style?

They’re not bad at bribery either. My favourite is at the bottom.

Enjoy the adverts.



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7 responses to “Trunk Monkey

  1. I’m thinking I should have had onee of those when I was stopped and given a speeding ticket. Undeservedly. Naturally.

  2. Oh my gosh, I watched all four of the 30-second commercials — and am still laughing!

  3. I hadn’t caught up with trunk monkeys. Very funny idea. I could do with one in my boot to deal with those drivers who cut me up and tailgate me. However I also read that animal rights group PETA has asked for the commercials to be withdrawn as the chimps get kicked and punched during training.

  4. You gotta laugh at the trunk monkey buuut … wouldn’t convince me to buy the Suburban.

  5. These clips are really rib tickling. Thank you.

  6. Being a bit slow, I kept wondering ‘yes, but what actually is a trunk monkey?’. Some days I just shouldn’t be let on the internet.

  7. That5 car thief reminds me of @Darragh Doyle!

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