Banned adverts (Warning: May contain zombies)

Tom Ridgewell aka TomSka - Lincoln's Zombie Killer

With tuition fees rocketing, universities need to offer something special to attract prospective students.
If you dig dinosaurs, pride yourself on pyromania or wish for close encounters with the walking dead – then the Zombie University of Lincoln is definitely for you. Just make sure you’re prepared.

Pens? Check

Notebook? Check

Textbooks? Check

Sawn-off shotgun? Check

The creator, Tom Ridgewell, explains why he did it here. But before you click on that link, watch the three short funny films first – very short – best seen top to bottom in that order.

(And yes, these films also mean that I am still camping.)

My favourite line is: “I am trying to learn.” And the zeitgeist guru who told me about these ads? My 11-year-old. Couldn’t he just finish primary first before poking his nose into universities and zombies?



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17 responses to “Banned adverts (Warning: May contain zombies)

  1. I’m not a teenage boy, but these are fun.

  2. They certainly make a case for time travel.

    If that sort of dynamic could have been transposed into the UCD of my day (1960s), who knows?

  3. Now That’s What I Call A “Finishing School” !

  4. They grow up much faster now a days BWT! They have more access to all kinds of information.

  5. With the way things are going babes in arms will be selecting Universities and subjects.

  6. TaylorGooderham

    Ah, TomSka. His stuff and the other things from the Cakebomb crew are brilliant.

  7. Southand

    Great post!

  8. My head hurts. Obviously not as agile at connecting the dots as I used to be.
    WTF seems quite appropriate.

  9. So were Tom’s videos actually “banned”, or is he angling for some sort of vicarious outlaw chic?

  10. The ads may turn a head buuut … will they get the students to crack a book?

  11. blackwatertown

    So I’m back from camping.
    You know that feeling when it’s dark outside the tent, you’re getting that must-go-to-the toilet feeling more and more strongly, but the rain is hammering down on the tent and the wind is howling round and grabbing up under the flysheet?
    Well… so do I. But now I’m at my own lovely bed.
    Re the Lincoln Zombies etc…
    @Speccy – Sure you don’t have to be a teenage boy to have fun.
    @Póló – I imagine there would have been a swift response if students were seen wandering round with sawn-off shotguns, real or imitation, at UCD in the late ’60s.
    @Tony – Yes, no need for postgraduate courses.
    @Rummuser – Having a precocious information gatherer is quite useful. He knows about cars too. I don’t. Brands, models, that type of thing.
    @Grannymar – Yes, if they’re rich babies.
    @Wisewebwoman – That’s students these days for you. And you thought they were busy writing essays.
    @Tim- I think you already know. The videos were “banned” as opposed to banned.
    @Maxi – Are you crazy? They’re far too busy putting on their zombie make up.

  12. Lordy – I wouldn’t want to be footing the bill for tuition at that university!

  13. Awesome. I remember falling asleep in the library on a regular basis at 2pm and dribbling on m books . . a fire and a few zombies would have kept me focussed. Mebeee

  14. Edris Dyas

    Hello – I’ve been reading through your blog and I am impressed.

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