Katy Perry the new Hitler?

Not with that moustache Katy. You've got the uniform down though.

Is Katy Perry the new Hitler?

Maybe I should rephrase that. As you may know, we got famously the last time we met, nose to nose, popstrel to kangaroo. What I should have asked is this: Is Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold the new Downfall?

Downfall is the excellent film about Hitler’s last days starring Bruno Ganz. The scene of Hitler ranting in his bunker has been repeatedly parodied by altering the subtitles. The original is here.

 There’s a host of parodies here – Hitler moaning about there being no camera on the iPod Touch, about Sheffield Utd being relegated, about Sarah Palin resigning and  about not being able to find Where’s Wally, among others. 

But with this version which has Hitler ranting about the parodies, surely this phenomenon has jumped the shark. (NB: Slight bit of bad language in it – but then he is a bit cross). 

Stalin is trying to muscle in on the act – here – but it’s a pretty feeble effort.

It’s time for a new parodic political pop vehicle. And Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold is it. The original is here. The Sesame Street version is here. But now the embattled, injured president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh has got in on the act. (Elmo eat your heart out.) Play the short clip for Katy Perry’s take on this aspect of the Arab Spring.    

Thanks to Kinzi at My Treasure in Jordan for telling me about the film.

And here’s another one  Cleaning Gets Old especially for all parents sick of tidying up after their children. (See? The KP HnC phenom is spreading already.)   

Many people end their blog posts with moral lessons or questions. So here’s one.

What does KP have to say about your life? (You may have to think laterally on that one.)



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14 responses to “Katy Perry the new Hitler?

  1. [I Don’t Know If It Helps But……….] A Perky Try Is One Possible Anagram Of “Katy Perry”.

  2. I dunno what KP has to say ’bout my life, buuut I can reply to “Cleaning Gets Old.”

    My kids had to clean their room as best they could — every day — which included making the bed.

    They didn’t make as big a mess and I learned to live with the results.

    Everyone happy!

  3. Ha, BWT, thanks for the link!! Also for bringing me up to speed on all the various takes on Hitler (& KP). Oh, what I have missed – and not missed.

    But the last one takes the cake, I am all about getting after the kids to clean their room. Bravo!!

  4. You spend too much time on You Tube. Love the Hitler Parodies. I have a friend in the US who’s constantly surprised at the British ability to make fun of the Nazis, says it would never happen in America. As for Ms Perry . . . best I say nothing since I can’t really say anything nice. Cleaning Gets Old is a much better version. Loved this. Brightened up an otherwise wet and chilly Sunday morning

  5. I am not sure I would care to see parodies of such evil. On the other hand, I though Hogan’s Heroes was very funny. Are you familiar with it?

  6. Carl – I was a huge Hogan’s Heroes when I was growing up.

    Maxi – I can relate with your parenting style in having your children tidy their rooms each day. It did, indeed, cut down on unkempt messes.

  7. Enjoyed those vid’s lol…H’ certainly “threw all his toys out of the pram” there, and KP’s Hot ‘n Cold was most entertaining 😉 As to the last one…I think I will show it to my Portugeuse housemates…being the only woman in a house of 8 men, this vid carries certain similarities! It will speak a thousand words which is good as they don’t speak much English and my Portuguese is…dodgy! 🙂

  8. This is a marvelous assemblage of entertainment and cerebral exercise. Thanks for you genius.

  9. BAINO – No one can spend too much time on YouTube. Everything we have been through many centuries is there. I think my dirty wash may even be on it. Who knows.

  10. There’s got to be some Internet Law about the likelihood that any reasonable discussion of Hitler and/or the Nazis will eventually degenerate into a slanging match about Katy Perry.

  11. blackwatertown

    @ Tony – She’s certainly perky.(And she’s trying Baino and Kinzi’s patience)
    @ Maxi – making the bed’s easy these days with duvets, can’t remember the last time I slept under sheets. Sleeping bag, pile of clothes, even a toppled wardrobe – but sheets? No.
    @ Kinzi – I just took your ball and ran with it.
    @ Carl – Hogan’s Heroes – yes I remember it. Though wasn’t the lead actor mixed up in something unsavoury in real life?
    @ Europaspicewolf – I am in awe. Good luck with the communication.
    @ Tim – It turns out that you’re right. (There is some other nasty and very poorly executed stuff along those lines out there too.)

  12. BWT, How can i think laterally, when I can’t think? If Katy Perry was around somewhere near me, do you think I will be able to think?

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