Recession books

Oh no! The worldwide credit crunch is now transforming classic literature!

Animal Farm Closure has just been released in a Costcutting Special Edition – with recumbent penguin. Well, the cover has anyway. What would George Orwell make of it?

So what will be next to feel the impact of the recession?

Gullible’s Travels suggests Wuthering Depths.

 Can other famous books be far behind?

Brideshead Remortgaged?

The Unbearable Likelihood of Being Repossessed?


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11 responses to “Recession books

  1. Decline And Double-Dip Fall?
    Our Answerphone In Havanna?
    Hell Can Wait?
    The Moon’s A Burst Balloon?
    133 Squadron?
    The Damned Busters?

    • blackwatertown

      Hee hee – very good.
      I especially like the reference to the cuts to the diplomatic service that led to “our man” being replaced by a messaging machine.
      Though re the Damned Busters – if Quentin Tarantino returns to WW2, p[erhaps that’s what he’ll called his remake of that particular film.

  2. Gone with the Sinned
    Lorna Doom

    • blackwatertown

      Lorna Doom – like it.
      But help me out – Ivango? Sorry to be so thick.
      (Hopefully I’m that brave boy at the back of the class willing to put up his hand with the question everyone else wants answered but is too scared to ask.)

  3. Brother Can You Spare A Dime ? is a great read Depression USA 1930’s . Quick read from the view of the people that lived it.

  4. In the light of the riots, perhaps Joe Orton would be busy rewriting Loot?

  5. Reading through the fun list of responses made me laugh. Always a good way to start the day!

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