Back to school (resistance is useless)

Okay - the date's two days early, but still...

Terrible day coming up tomorrow. (Snigger)

Very sad indeed. (Giggle.)

My poor children go back to school. The summer holidays are over. (I’m crying tears of… relief.)

And the poor dears will, for the first time, both have to wear ties to school. (Let the regimentation begin.)

For one – the joys of the school bus to a nearby town. (So he has to get up earlier than before. Hee hee – oh, wait a minute. I may have to be聽up too to get him out.)

No doubt teachers everywhere are looking forward to tomorrow too.

For the other – the joys of new stricter uniform and neatness rules of which to fall foul. (Honest, the tree grabbed me and made me climb it.)

I normally don’t enjoy these rites of passage and time passing and the聽clear evidence of them growing up. But this time I think I might just cope with letting go.

What about them? Oh, they can’t wait to move on. As usual.


So it’s lucky I’m not bothered either.

Not at all.

Not one wee bit.

(Waaaaaaah!!!!!!! No wonder I’ve been banned from the school bus stop. Might embarrass him.)

Anyway – a mate played this song for me recently. Seems as good a time as any to share it.



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27 responses to “Back to school (resistance is useless)

  1. As the mother of a 27 year old, I say (in retrospect), kick up your heels! Enjoy their “away” time, just as much as your “together” time.

  2. Had 33 years of first day of school as teacher. 12 first days of school in grade school and 8 first days of school in college. Count two kindergartens and that’s 54. Canya beat that? Then you count for 2 children and 5 grandchildren – hey I’m Woilt Champeeeeen.

  3. Yes, the individuation process begins, but imagine if they never left, never learned; i hope their days will be positive and enlightening and creative; what a good daddy you are!

  4. All this is in the past for me I’m afraid; all mine have left school. Enjoyed the song, especially the line about hating Walt Disney! My eldest developed a taste for Roald Dahl, so it wasn’t all bad.

    • blackwatertown

      I think Loudon has not always been the best role model, but I like the song too. Roald Dahl is a good result – we’ve gone to his house a couple of times. I’d recommend it.

  5. By the time the homework starts coming in (presumably later this week!) you’ll probably be even more emotional!!!

  6. Aww! 馃檪 Anticipation of the event is always the worst bit…be brave! All will be well on the day…but yes…probably best you are banned from the bus stop that day! Nice big manly deep breath!! Set the shoulders!! Just focus on the wonderful new experience that awaits them and how exciting it will be for them…lol 馃槈 I’m sure they will love it!…I’ve left a big box of man size tissues on the side of your blog page just in case 馃槈 Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone 馃檪 Best wishes for this occasion…Wolfie

    • blackwatertown

      They looked very smart setting off. No bother. No looking back.Not surprised really. I may have a consolatory cup of tea now.

  7. Poor kids having to wear ties. I’ve never understood what purpose they serve apart from falling in your soup and spoiling the flavour.

    The main thing I notice when the local schools reopen is the roads being blocked by huge cars bringing little Jemima to school because the poor wee sausage is incapable of getting there on her own. Or because she might be accosted by evil drug-dealers.

    • blackwatertown

      Yup – ties – pointless. Rarely throttle myself with one.
      Agree re the excessive driving to school. I’m lucky mine can walk (so I make them do it) to school or bus stop – it’s safe and friendly. Not that way everywhere I suppose. But even where I am, despite the ideal circumstances, loads of people still unleash their huge kiddie tanks. The one amusing consequence is that they sometimes have to park a long way away from their destination because there are so many of them. Assuming they can park their tank in a normal space.

  8. Your post took me back to my currently 40 year old’s first few years in school. Thank you. From what I hear from my younger brother who has his two grandsons living with him, I am glad that I don’t have to go through these rights of passages of grand children!

  9. I am sure they are well into the routine by now, it sure doesn’t take long. I always had tasks set aside for the first week or so to distract me while the house was quiet. Nowadays I watch my little neighbour, all of 7years, head off to school with his mother. He still waves to me, but I miss our summertime hunting for bugs in my garden. I will always treasure the day he stood up and said, “I wish you were my granny. We have great fun!”.

    • blackwatertown

      That’s lovely.
      I also have little tasks ready – involving sending umpteen emails, writing this and organising that. (Which is why I missed the latest LBC, apologies.)

  10. 29

    Thinking of first day at primary school. Last thing one little boy saw before going into the school building was his mum looking through the railings and he saw the same sight when he emerged at home-time so he made the eminently logical deduction that she waited there all day!

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  12. A bus?!? Your kids should consider themselves lucky – I had to walk! And it was a very steep hill! They say you look back on your schooldays fondly. They lie.

  13. Ha, funny sign. I agree with the commenter Nick, above, on ties. I never understood what was stylish about wearing a piece of cloth that hangs uselessly from your neck. Poor kids. Back to school and ties. The suffering they must endure.

  14. “Resistance is futile” – very funny from an adult perspective, but what an discouraging message for the kids. Makes me think what a shame we’ve created such a dreaded institution to snuff out all that youthful enthusiasm.

    • blackwatertown

      The hope is that your children get to go to a school where that youthful enthusiasm is empowered, facilitated and encouraged – not seen as an inconvenience. So far mine are lucky in that regard.

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