Fluke or miracle? The strangely moving aftermath of a death.

This is a very very poignant film.

It’s about the unexpected thing that happened – or did not happen – after a cyclist was knocked off his bike and killed.

His name was Michael Caulfield. He was married and had four children.

Not at all gory. It’s more of a slideshow than a film.

It’s short and strangely moving. Beautifully done.

Bad things happen. People die too soon. But have a look at this short clip. I predict you’ll feel a little better after it.

The single rose surviving against the odds. A fluke or a miracle?

I saw it at the blog of Malachi O’Doherty – a journalist in Belfast. He’s a very thoughtful commentator on life.



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12 responses to “Fluke or miracle? The strangely moving aftermath of a death.

  1. Miracle. Wish someone would pick up up that stem and carry it home to safety.


  2. That is utterly remarkable.

  3. Louis

    More people need to read this.
    You definitely have a gift.

  4. At least it did not end up on a compost having a painful, smelly end. It probably died up from lack of water and amid smelly organic waste. Here’s to the resilliance of roses. So, they are now worth their high dost.

  5. An uplifting way for me to start the day … thank you.

  6. Barbara Rodgers

    Incredible! A mystery to ponder today…

  7. From some angles it is obvious that people are taking evasive action so that they don’t run over the stem. Now that is the miracle as all of them could not have known about the cyclist.

  8. That’s amazing. So amazing it’s almost incredible. If I put a flower on the road outside my house, I’m sure it would be flattened in five minutes.

  9. Mal

    Thanks for noticing this, Malachi

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