Self obsession

Self obsessed? Moi?

I should have written on this very topic for the Loose Bloggers Consortium hours ago – it’s an 0700 US Pacific Time deadline. The fact that I am only now doing so surely proves that I am not at all self obsessed. I was far to busy to think about writing about little old me.

Unless, that is, I was too engrossed in myself to consider sharing my auto-fascination. (Is there such a term? If not – consider it coined.)

Anyway – if I talk about myself I’m merely being confident and sharing. If you interrupt, you’re self obsessed.

I should be an expert on this subject, because I have worked with many prime examples of the phenomenon. If any of them are reading this, what I meant to say was “I don’t care what the rest of them think darling, I thought you were just phenomenal.”

Well… can’t just ladle on the praise without feeding the insecurity too. Wouldn’t ring true otherwise.

And it’s a counterbalance to all those conversations which reach a point something like this:

Well that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?

Naturally having been here, you’ll feel no need to visit the other members of the Loose Bloggers Consortium. But if you absolutely insist, you’ll find them under the LBC heading in the links column on the right hand side. Just scroll down a bit. (Though why you’d ever want to look away from here…)



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11 responses to “Self obsession

  1. Ha Ha! Now get away from that mirror and go to sleep. When you wake up come over to my place…. I’ll have something you you asked for. 😉

  2. Me, myself, and I — we all loved this post!

  3. Paul…if I like your post am I being whatchamacallit ‘narkytic’? I haven’t read your take anyway…am still reading mine.

  4. Hmmm, I didn’t notice anything in your post about ME. I shall stalk off in a huff right now.

  5. Auto-fascination, I like it. Is it the same as self-absorbed?

  6. Who isn’t self obsessed…?
    Its good for one…right? 😉

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