Something beautiful – Lianne La Havas

Time for something just beautiful. (I need it after the brilliantly horrible Roadkill yesterday.) Lianne La Havas writes and sings beautiful songs.

According a possibly unreliable source, she’s in her early 20s, is English, with Greek and Jamaican roots.

Here she is with Age – on why she is happy to go out with an older man – as long as he does what he’s told. (From Later With Jools Holland.)

And wandering through Paris singing No Room For Doubt.

Is she not beautiful? Do rhetorical questions need question marks?

Meanwhile I’ve been stupid. (Is that a tautology?)

I mixed up Gerard Brennan and Gerard Butler last time I mentioned the former. Easy mistake to make. One of them is handsome, charismatic – women want to be with him, men want to be him.

The other is actor Gerard Butler – who sometime soon will be begging for a part in the film version of one of Gerard Brennan’s books – Wee Rockets  or The PointThey’re both pictured. I’m scared of mixing them up again so you’ll have to work out who’s who yourself.



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13 responses to “Something beautiful – Lianne La Havas

  1. Paul, I’ll take your word that she is beautiful since, annoyingly, I curently can’t play any video/music/youtube on my lovingly maintained computer.

    To put you out of your misery: Even a rethorical question deserves its mark. Otherwise it would be a statement. Which it is.

    Please give Nick my best and tell him that I am not cynical when it comes to a woman’s body in the eyes of a man. Neither can I recollect a time when I chopped/switched off that which immaterial for the purpose.

    I don’t know whether you have been “stupid”. It doesn’t matter. It happens. Not the end of the world. Serves as my control group for when I am reasonably together. A ‘tautology’ it ain’t. Should you wish to sit some private lessons please do not hesitate to ask. I am expensive. But then I am worth it.


    • blackwatertown

      Thanks for your support re tautology. Phew. Private lessons sound intriguing.
      You lost me a bit on the Nick paragraph.
      Re the music – she’s worth listening to – very clear, thinking out loud, takes unexpected turns. I would suggest itunes etc – but if your computer is strictly no music, then that’s no good.
      I’m about to look her up on amazon for a cd.

  2. Love the YouTube clips!! And I think the Gerard mixup is hysterical!

  3. Lianne La Havas is new to me, but makes for easy listening. I will let you lads decide on her beauty while I concentrate on the Toyboys! The hunk from Paisley looks better with his mouth closed, while ‘yon wee mon from Norn Iron, is very studious lookin! Did I get the accent right?

  4. Love it. Thanks a million, Paul. Looking forward to showing this to my wife…



  5. She is stunning in every way. Now I never have time for all this, but I did write her name on a card for future “look some more” . Thanks for introducing her to me. Who knows? Maybe I could be that older man. Well older, older that is.

  6. One Thing I Have Learnt In My Advancing Years Is That Older Men Are Best (no question mark needed).Yes Sir she is Pretty & Talented.
    Nice Toons.
    Mr Wiki says she is from South London…yet an American twang…… ?

  7. Will definitely look this very talented lady up on amazon- exotically beautiful too- some gals have all the luck! As for the Gearard mix up- will have to keep an eye out for Mr Brennan’s books and as for Mr Butler- lets just say I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for leaving a few crumbs…

  8. Beautiful singer and voice. Lovely talent…

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