Frankie says…

…relax. But when?

In between this job, touting for the next one, feeding people, cleaning, shopping, transporting and tonight’s looming night shift.

Meanwhile the sound track is (allegedly too – but not for me) loud electric guitar and drumming coming from the next room as I type.

Aah. Now that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Top son has clearly not given up on the guitar after all. Which makes me happy. And more relaxed – even amidst the music.

I could give you a sample of his Sweet Child of Mine or American Idiot, but it might not create the same soothing mood for you. So instead, here’s Van Morrison with One Irish Rover (not the original, but it’s what I could find)….

You may have detected that I’m in a wee bit of a rush – a relaxed rush – but if you’ve the time, you might want to check out the other blogs of the other members of the Loose Bloggers Consortium – listed further down on the right hand side of the screen – to see their takes of the topic of RELAX….. aaahhh… that’s better.


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21 responses to “Frankie says…

  1. I am afraid you are on ground you may or may not wish to explore further.

    In the early hours of this morning a rather instructive book put all my innocent notions about Frankie’s advice to “relax” to rest. “Relax, just do it” – to give the quote its full potential – is more than some bargain for. I knew there was a reason I don’t like 18 year olds go to an adult offenders’ prison. And, even when freedom is yours, queues do form outside a toilet in Soho.

    Considering the sensibilities of some of your readers I shall not delve deeper into the lyrics of many a song.


  2. BWT, Rule number six, my young friend, it is rule number six.

  3. ‘Relaxed rush’…hmmmm…some more Irish blarney!

    My son too intoduced me to U2 and Pet Shop Boys in the same manner. Ranjan (RR’s) son tried his hand at initiating me into Heavy Metal…I ran away.

  4. A relaxed rush … an oxymoron for hurry up and slow down.

  5. Van .Perfect For A Wee Relax (but why is he such a miserable bugger live?)

  6. “Relaxed rush.” Is that sort of like Jumbo shrimp? 🙂

  7. A relaxed rushing multi-tasker. Eh, are you a woman in wolves clothing? 😉

  8. Hard to relax faced with all the pressures of modern life, with its increasing complexity and bureaucracy. I sometimes yearn for a simpler era when all people did was a bit of weaving or a bit of cabinet-making, followed by an evening of ale and music.

  9. 29

    Am I missing something here? As I listened to Van Morrison grumbling his way through that record and especially when he seemed to be in some pain towards the end, I accepted that the man must be a genius. Yes anyone who can perform like that and persuade people to pay him to do so must have some sort of persuasive genius… cannot possibly be any display of musical talent.

    • blackwatertown

      Perhaps not the best clip to demonstrate his genius.
      As for the rest – each to his own.
      Perhaps I should make a list of grumpy gurners whose music I like.

  10. Ooooh some harsh critics here. Send em over to Creative Infanticide! I miss the kids playing their Dubstep et al frankly. Sorry not a Van Morrison fan myself crank it up to 11 and I’m a happy camper.

  11. Chill! Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax!! 😉

    • blackwatertown

      I will.
      Meanwhile perhaps you can answer Grannymar’s question above – you’re probably best qualified.

      • Lol…possible that this ‘ere Wolfie maybe a woman in wolves clothing 🙂 But in your case a multi-tasking woman relaxing in a horses head might be more applicable?!!…maybe ;)…not! Worrying thought tho isn’t it? 😉

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