Thanks for making me laugh

It's a snail, made from horse dung - a Dung Snail. Only $8 from the Dung Bunnies website - I kid you not. Well, Susan Bell had the poop courtesy of her horses and an urge to sculpt. She also does bunnies (natch), frogs, cats, pigeons, ducks and... wait for it... wedding couples. Just the thing for newly weds.

“They call me horse dung – because I’m never off the road.” That’s what I’m grateful for – people making me laugh. Like Emma at Adventures of an Unfit Mother with her tale of “The Miracle of the Keys”. I recommend a visit.

Here’s another laugh meister – Rudy and his odd drinking habits in Italy – or is he the only sane person in a country of crazies? He discovered that the Sards “preferred their alcohol to look like water and taste like paraffin.”

And then he foolishly tried a very strange drink in Verona (you’ll have to visit his Gullible’s Travels blog to find out what it was) but it led to a surreal experience:

Apart from the bars, the only other places that seem to be open at night are bookshops. This gives a whole new way of describing drunkenness. While a hangover morning may normally begin with the realisation that there are more limbs in the bed than you actually own followed by a reconstruction of the night before based on the stamp mark on your wrist, things would be different in Verona.
You’d wake up feeling like you were wearing an internal balaclava and then your arm would drop down the side of the bed. Slowly your fingers caress some stiff paper and it slowly dawns on you what had happened the night before. You hand traces the outline of what turns out to be a book and your worst fears are confirmed. You realise that last night you’d got absolutely Dan Brown-ed on Aperol.

 I love the way that ends. But I can’t stop at just two recommendations. These things always come in threes. And the third one is a cracker.

The Idiot – aka Mark – tells the story of his first week in kindergarten. It starts all cutesy wutsey aww luvvy duvvy and turns into a race riot. But a very funny one. I’d tell you who I blame for it, but you might get the wrong idea. Better to just read the story over at The Idiot. Really. You should. It’s hilarious.

And finally – here’s a good short video. I wouldn’t normally post an ad – but this is very clever. What would you do if you found yourself in the circumstances depicted?

So thank you to the people behind all four of those pieces. You made me laugh. Meanwhile, if you want to find out what the other members of the Loose Bloggers Consortium feel gratitude for – just visit their blogs. The links are in the right hand column – just scroll down a little. Go on – it’ll give them even more to be grateful for.



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15 responses to “Thanks for making me laugh

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVED that video clip!

  2. Love the ad and the Idiot post was hilarious!! Thanks for the mention too, emmaxx

  3. Thanks for the kind words Paul. You have a great day! 🙂

  4. I’ve seen that biker clip. Shows not to judge book by its cover. Err, I mean tattoos.

  5. Laughter … the best medicine.

  6. As my granny used to say “What would we do if we couldn’t laugh?”. The thoughts of hanging around for another 30 years being miserable, would be hell on earth. Give me laughter every time.

  7. BWT, you have touched on a very important aspect of living. A sense of humour. If you are blessed with that, life’s googlies can be swatted off with ease and you are very right to be grateful for being blessed with that.

    The links are worth their weight in gold. Thanks.

  8. The ability to laugh is perhaps the sweetest thing there is to living. A valuable point raised 🙂

  9. Pledge: I’m going to start getting over here and give you some love! That was hilarious and totally worthwhile.

    Besides, I owe you a few …

  10. Still catching up on the regular blogs but Ill try to visit the ‘loose bloggers’ (God even their name makes me laugh, are they promiscuous or unconstipated?) Loved the Carlsberg ad tho!

    • Your comment has stimulated quite some debate amongst the Loose Bloggers.
      Personally I had always assumed it was their morals not their bowels that were loose.
      But perhaps they’re merely loose-limbed rangey types – athletic and outdoorsy.
      Nah – I only joined them ‘cos I was hoping for a bit of action, nudge nudge, wink wink. Been a bit disappointing so far… Though after Conhake’s comment above, maybe things are looking up.

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