The unkindest cut at Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time (courtesy of Carl D'Agostino - click on the pic)

Dear readers. This Christmas please give some thought to those poor misfortunates who will not be having a Happy Christmas this year.

(No I’m not talking about over worked mothers or abandoned dogs, just pay attention willya?)

Wrenched from their homes… Cut off from their roots… Forced to stand alone during the seasonal festivities – often in a corner.

They may find themselves taunted as people surround them with gifts – only to remove them all for distribution to others.

"Feed me elves. I poop presents." A sad case of a tree pushed beyond endurance.

They may find themselves bumped and barged – even trussed up with electric wire and deprived of rest by a 24/7 ordeal of flashing lights.

No point in looking to those around them for help – they’ll probably be surrounded by grinning pointing mobs, delighting in the “show”.

When that torture ends, more indignity, abandonment or confinement begins. They may find themselves dumped in skips, stuffed into attics or even…

Sorry, it’s shocking, but it has to be said… Or even dismembered and burned.

Ah, look at the poor wee thing... He's pining for his pine.

This year, dear reader, please remember – A Tree Is Not Just For Christmas, It’s For… oh for goodness sake.

Let’s just get an artificial one. Less mess and you don’t have to worry about their “forest friends” pressing their beaks and noses against the window looking in with sad faces.

But on a less curmudgeonly note – here’s a cute story of swimming deer being rescued by a boat.

And here’s some music from Alistair the Optimist (he’s the drummer – and the brother of a friend of a friend). He’s got motor neurone disease, but so far he can still hit things a mighty thwack.

There’s more of Alistair’s music here. And that note – Thanks for visiting, liking, linking, writing, reading and commenting. Happy Christmas and a mellow new year to you all.



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21 responses to “The unkindest cut at Christmas

  1. aye, u pull at the heart strings you do

  2. Good point, Paul- we need to think about people who are struggling. Archbish Rowan will have some useful things to say on the subject later this morning. On a lighter note- pity you didn’t use the term ‘Merry’ instead of ‘Happy’ in your encyclical- ‘Merry Christmas’ was first coined in one’s own ‘A Christmas Carol’. Guess who will be at the Dickens Museum in Doughty Street, this afternoon? Yes it’s open all day- just going along to check that they’re looking after the place, and not snorting too much laudanum.

  3. Paul, you’ve got this one so wrong. Why? Have a look over at mine. Not now. LATER. Haven’t written my ode to the Christmas tree yet. But will.

    Other than that: Happy Christmas to you too. And thanks for NOT visiting.


    PS I have a Carl D’Agostino gene missing. I usually don’t get his drawings at all at all. Feel terrible about that because he claims to make everyone “smile”. He doesn’t. He makes me scratch my head in wonderment at the human brain’s limitations (mine).Though love his above effort.

  4. PPS So glad Charles Dickens London is back. If his comment is a thinly veiled hint at where I might find and meet him this afternoon I won’t be able to. I am marooned round the corner of the Titantic’s Shipping Office. However, with the Centenary of the Titanic’s abortive maiden voyage coming up in 2012 you, Charles, are most welcome to help me shuffling deckchairs and rescuing rats.


    • You terrified me so much that I have spent the time learning to row and swim- I am also dedicating time to preparing for Dickens bicentenary, which is also in 2012. If, perchance, you are still marooned in Leadenhall Street, I am only around the corner at St Katharine’s Dock- how about a New Year snort in my favourite den?

  5. Like your season greeting, Happy Christmas and mellow New Year…

    Back at ya.

  6. Sorry I murdered a tree; enjoyed do so.

    Merry Christmas and shtufffs.

  7. Hope by now the fruits of Santa’s labour are being enjoyed and the good man has a wee bush to ease him into the day. Merry Christmas my friend and I look forward to meeting you in the flesh (with clothes on) in 2012!!

  8. Have A Treemendous Christmas! 🙂

  9. “And a mellow new year.”

    Sounds perfect (sort of like a glass of merlot with a bit of Blue Stilton on crackers)…

  10. Nollaig Shona

    Happy Festival to you and yours.

    A further indignity suffered by the misfortunates

  11. Aww! Poor little Christmas Trees!! I just want to hug them all up now!! Love the pics, very well chosen 😉 Shame there’s such a lack of sympathy for the poor mistreated Christmas Trees on here though! Loved the swimming deer story too…ROTFL at the boat photo 😉 Comfy or what?! Hope you and your family are having a fantastic Christmas…and are enjoying a FAKE tree! lol 😉

  12. I had just said Bravo! and pressed the post comment button. It would not accept that one word your blog! Does it not know that less said is better?

  13. blackwatertown

    Thanks all. Onwards and upwards. Tally ho.

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