Pinch Punch

I'm not asking Spock round for New Year ever again. I still can't feel my drinking arm.

Ouch and double ouch. I was expecting Auld Lang Syne. Or a communal glass raising. Cheers or embraces.

Instead the assembled mob in the living room counted down to zero and instantly began to seethe in a frenzy of squirming activity and mutterings – which I realised too late to defend myself was “Pinch, punch, first of the month.”

And that’s why you should never let children stay up to midnight on New Year’s Eve – least of all a pincer-fingered horde of them.

In fact, there’s no respect for tradition at all these days. No first footer. No hangover. (Unheard of!)

Just the solitary trip to the bottle bank to kick off 2012. (I hope its neighbours love the sound of breaking glass.) So the new year is already smashing. Or to delve back to the word’s Irish root – Is maith sin  (sounds similar if you pronounce it right) – it is good. And so it will be.

To give a proper aural flavour of the evening there should be an endless medley of One Direction and Little Mix below. But seeing as I (yes, me, ME, woohahahaa) control the music here, you can have this reflective song for the wee hours when things wax melancholy. It’s Ron Sexsmith.



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17 responses to “Pinch Punch

  1. Have a great, happy, and healthy 2012 my friend! 🙂

  2. In 2012 I wish that your every dream comes true; that you find yourself surrounded by friends, laughter, and good times; that your every cup runneth over financially, romantically, spiritually, and creatively; and that good health be your faithful companion, peace your guarded ally, and love your perpetual guide.

    A joy-filled New Year’s to YOU and YOURS!

    • blackwatertown

      I think you’ve covered just about every base there. I gratefully accept your wishes and will work to make them come true. And the same to you too.

  3. 29

    What a generous and comprehensive New Year greeting from Laurie Buchanan, can I also accept it for myself and appeal to Newton’s 2nd Law which should guarantee such generous wishes will be returned in full measure to her.
    Re the Spock photo; this reminds me of small boy after a few jiu-jitsu classes demonstrating on his slightly older sister how with just some pressure on a certain point on her heck he could kill her. She had to stand completely still whilst he found the spot, did so for a while, became bored ie still alive and elbowed him in the tummy. He complained about non-co-operation. Perhaps the SAS or Spetsnaz don’t have anything to worry about.

  4. For 2012, I wish you enough! Enough work to keep food on the table, boots on your feet and a few coins in your pocket. May there be sunshine in your heart, laughter on your lips and time for fun!

  5. Best Wishes To You In 2012.Hey!!!! RON SEXSMITH !

    • blackwatertown

      I should have known you’d be all over Ron. Good pics Tony.
      I saw him at the Shepherds Bush Empire a few years ago and was mesmerized.

  6. Happy New Year, Paul, let your boots keep walkin’ and your post keep talking.

    May 2012 bring you succes, joy, and peace within.

  7. I did not stay up till midnight, being a very dutiful child to my father who too was fast asleep. I had even turned off the telephones so that I would not be woken up at the stroke of midnight by enthusiastic well wishers. See? I have been properly raised! My son however disappeared at 8 pm on the 31st December and returned home at 2pm on the 1st of January. Not raised properly at all. Sad.

  8. Have an awesome New Year! I hope it brings you good health and happiness and all your dreams and aspirations are fulfilled 🙂

  9. blackwatertown

    Thanks everyone – may Laurie’s wishes spread liberally over us all.

  10. Gah I’m late. What they said….

  11. Thank you, whoever decided to set off the fireworks from the top of St Stephens Tower (often referred to incorrectly as Big Ben) because this year, instead of only being able to view the highest reaching bits from downstream at Tower Bridge, the whole display was easy to see- unless, that is, I didn’t hit the champagne and laudanum as hard as in previous years. Happy New Year.

  12. really enjoying reading all your posts!

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