Angry Birds v Lucky Birds

Quick! Buy a lottery ticket, you lucky lucky boy.

When one of the birds of the air drops a little present down to you – do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya punk? Or just angry?

The tradition in Ireland – and maybe other places – is that it’s lucky when a bird poops on you. That dirty yellowy white smear down the back of your anorak or dripping from your ear is… lucky! A fine example of rationalisation if ever I heard one.

According to the highly prestigious website My poptart tastes funny… it depends on what type of bird divebombs you. I’m afraid to say that Magpies are supposedly the worst – which is a shame as it was Magpie who chose the birds of the air as this week’s topic for the Loose Bloggers Consortium. Sorry Magpie. (You can read what the rest of the LBC lot have to say about this by clicking on their links in the right hand column. Just scroll down a bit to find them.)

Meanwhile, thinkers sit out waiting for owls to festoon them in fecal wisdom. (Though they don’t always get what they want.)

However, in one way at least, having a magpie leave a deposit on your bonce would indeed be lucky – when you consider the alternative. I direct you, gentle reader, to that classic song about a small town in Donegal where I had one of my best ever New Years. (To avoid confusion with any other Moville, I’m talking about the Moville a few miles up the road from Muff, which is most renowned for it’s diving club. Honestly it IS safe for work.)

But anyway, the song goes something like this:

Oh the cows they fly high in Moville

And you can guess where that’s going. Which also makes me wonder about those moments of wishful thinking when a yearner is heard to say – “If pigs could fly…” I feel very lucky that it’s only birds I have to worry about.

But here’s a poem to round you off. (Thanks to Natasha’s Cafe for the words.)

If Pigs Could Fly

If pigs could fly I’d fly a pig
To foreign countries small and big
To Italy and Spain
To Austria where cow bells ring
To Germany where people sing
And then come home againI’d see the Ghangis and the Nile
I’d visit Madagascar’s isle
And Persia and Peru
People would say they’d never seen
So odd so strange an air machine
As that on which I flewYes everyone would raise a shout
To see his trotters and his snout
Come floating from the sky.
And I would be a famous star
In all the countries near and far
If only pigs could fly

–James Reeves

More on James Reeves here.

Ugh – final thought – Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Remember his hit – Stool Pigeon? I fear I’ve just uncovered another layer of meaning.



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19 responses to “Angry Birds v Lucky Birds

  1. You can always tell who the locals or townies are and who the tourists are at the beach. The tourists are the stupid jerks from the north and west who think its cute to feed the seagulls flocking around. But do they get pooped on? Of course not. I’d like to grabbem and make them lick it up. The tourists that is. I don’t blame the birds.

  2. It IS indeed lucky when a bird does its numbers on you, and somehow I’d much rather be shat upon by a bird from a great height, with all its accompanying luck, than tread in a pile of dog poo for instance. Saying that, I don’t think it counts on the windscreen of your car, and inevitably as soon as I drive out of the car wash, there seems to be a whole flock of birds waiting to divebomb me. What a lucky girl I am! As for Muff, there happens to be a Top filling station there which sells key rings with ‘Top Muff’ on them and my brothers got no end of pleasure passing them round to innocent female friends and family. Shame on them!

    • blackwatertown

      Surely Bord Failte and the NI Tourist Board could make more of that imaginatively named village. Not just key rings. After all, New York has its “I heart NY” t-shirts – why can’t Ireland go for something even better?

  3. I’m feelin’ lucky today, hope a bird poops on my shoulder … never have I heard of this “blessing” from birds on high.

    May 2012 send many blessings to you, Paul.

  4. Looking at my back windows today, I think the whole farm yard were flying sideways yesterday. 😦

  5. Well I’ll be darned…

    I’ve never (ever!) heard of it being considered lucky to have a bird poop on you!

    Note to self: In the event you get shat upon by a bird, go buy a lottery ticket!

  6. “However, in one way at least, having a magpie leave a deposit on your bonce would indeed be lucky – when you consider the alternative.”

    Our own Magpie has bowled a googly indeed. Will replacing the magpie with a crow also result in good luck? We have a lot more of the latter here!

    • blackwatertown

      Crows are bad too apparently – according to poptart.
      “A French saying states that evil priests became crows, and bad nuns became magpies.”
      Perhaps Magpie can enlighten us.

  7. Paul–we too think that the birds leave a blessing behind when the poop lands on you. In fact I have wondered why no shampoo/conditioner seller has ever used this idea in an ad! Wash away the poop off your Head and Shoulders! The Dove does bless you!

  8. By the way—Angry Birds in my home is the game that my son Jai plays on his beloved MAC!! And boy! Does it hog his spare time….sorry for the mixed creature references!!

  9. Been a while since I’ve had birdie posit on my head or anywhere else for that matter but the maggies here are voracious during spring necessitating the wearing of an ice cream container with eyes painted on it to avoid being swooped. That song! God that brought back memories I remember having a tape (yes that long ago) for the kids which had Robyn Archer singing the song on it. Now I have all the words the earworm can infest all day. Thanks for that. Avagoodweekend!

    • blackwatertown

      Hold a minute.
      You go out and about with an ice cream container with painted on eyes on your head…
      Okay – fair enough.

  10. Dive bombing seagulls are the usual bane of my life 🙂 They either fly over dropping several lovely little presents 😉 on the “bonce” lol adding beautiful multicoloured deco’s to the hair which are inevitably spread delicately throughout the “bonce” as you attempt to remove these gifts, or they accompany their obnoxious behaviour with chip-snatching sorties attacking with enormous and dangerous beaks guaranteed to cause dropping of whole bag of said chips 🙂

  11. Riley Rathbum

    A lot of of what you articulate is supprisingly precise and that makes me ponder the reason why I had not looked at this with this light previously. This particular piece truly did turn the light on for me personally as far as this subject goes. Nevertheless there is one particular point I am not really too comfortable with so whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the main idea of your issue, permit me see what the rest of your readers have to say.Nicely done.

  12. 29

    Never knew that the Irish considered such heavenly offerings as lucky and I have some decades experience of the Irish. Personally I would not want such luck, when I did suffer from I found it most inconvenient.
    Once, on the Devon Riviera I saw an opportunistic seagull snatch the contents of a child’s ice-cream cone, I think that the child’s crying denoted disappointment.

  13. Domingo Consiglio


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