Ejector Seats: The Joy of Giving… a Boost

The result of an over-inflated whoopee cushion.

As gifts go, this must be one of the coolest. The gift is your life. Which is clearly not to be sneezed at. But as gift wrapping goes – an ejector seat must be unbeatable.

I was chatting to a guy who makes them a few hours ago. On his way into work he passes a sign saying:

Lives saved: 7376

This year: 02

Lives like Linda Maloney, US Navy carrier pilot. (She’s written a book about being a Military Fly Mom.)

Of course, if you build ejector seats, you can’t spend every day in the office. You get to watch films like this being made. 3.. 2.. 1.. Fire. (Skip forward to 23″.)

 Take your child to work day must be packed out at that workplace.

All this giving is good for the soul, though sometimes, like Rob Slaven, you really can’t give something away – no matter how hard you try.

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24 responses to “Ejector Seats: The Joy of Giving… a Boost

  1. I would like to buy a bunch of these. 100 for the US Senate, 435 for the US House, and 1 for the White House.

    • blackwatertown

      I think they’re single use ejector seats – so that would be an excellent contract.
      No need for parachutes for the descent though, they must generate sufficient hot air to keep them aloft unaided.

  2. Hmmm….

    I might get one for Herself for the car.

    • blackwatertown

      How do you know she hasn’t already got one for you?

      No – sorry – that was silly. If she had, you’d have been sent skywards long ago.

  3. Got the usual email notification of this post 00.44 this morning but
    at 23.58 last night I got notification of a non existent post the title of which was a Financial Times url.

    If you put up a post in error and took it down that’s OK and the notification was genuine. If not, something is acting off its own bat either at your end, at WordPress, or at mine.

    Just letting you know and wondering if I was the only one to get the notification.

    I have uploaded a picture of what I got so you can have a look here:


  4. Sorry. If I’d read the post through first I’d have realised that you had c&p’d the Linda Maloney url when you started to to write the post and it then got posted prematurely. So please ignore the preceding post.

    It does show however how dangerous the notification process can be. I have had experience if this before. If you put up a post and either take it down or amend it for some reason, chances are that those on the mailing list will get the original rather than the amended post.

    An idea maybe to be incorporated into a detective story 😉


    • blackwatertown

      Yes – it was a case of premature posting – doing it a slightly different (and as it happens, worse) way.

      • A bit like when your mail tells you to do the attachment before you write the message. Otherwise you will forget the attachment. Then you send off the attachment and forget the message. 🙂

  5. Speaking of detective stories. I briefly brought out a small stencilled local newspaper in 1958 and got a contribution of a detective story from a classmate (Alan Dukes as it happens). The accused’s alibi relied on an alarm clock having gone off at a particular time. The detective was able to blow the alibi out of the water. This was in the days of mechanical alarm clocks and the alibi relied on the alarm having gone off more than twelve hours after it was set. I thought this was brilliant at the time;

    I haven’t uploaded the story but I did a piece on my website on the local paper itself.


  6. If my late wife could have laid her hands on one of these, she would have quietly installed it where I used to sit and at the appropriate time, would have pressed the button.

  7. I don’t want to be ejected from anywhere, so I’ll leave the toys to the boys.

  8. …still laughing at Rummuser comment, too funny.

    Blessings – Maxi

  9. I cannot imagine what it must be like to actually experience ejection in that manner … but, if used, the situation you face is hardly preferable. This must be something you just kind of sit and shake afterward.

    • blackwatertown

      Apparently it’s being considered by downsizing consultants as a way of livening up mass sackings – or at least taking people’s minds off the fact that they’re losing their jobs.

      Seems callous maybe – but if you think about it – with more and more drones being used, there’ll be fewer pilots to eject in future. Success = diversification.

  10. But where are you ejected to, that’s the question? Suppose you landed on a giant cactus, or in the lions’ cage at the zoo, or in a slurry pit….

  11. Yes…one of those would be perfect for certain back seat driver/sat nav 😉

  12. I love Carl’s comment and your response 🙂

  13. Just have to remember to open canopy before pushing button

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