Scorn not his simplicity

But first, your starter for ten: Who was the only non-US citizen to write a hit for Elvis? (Have a think and a read on and a listen, before checking the answer at the bottom.)

In the meantime – with the Loose Bloggers Consortium theme set as simplicity – this song sprang to mind. Derry man Phil Coulter wrote it about his experiences with his son with Down’s Syndrome. Luke Kelly from the Dubliners felt it was a song suitable only for special occasions and not every performance. 

That was back in the days when you could arrive late to the performance with a pint, a fag and a flute. Or if you’d prefer, you can have Sinead O’Connor’s version.

You’ll find what the rest of the Loose Bloggers Consortium think about simplicity by clicking on their links on the right hand column of your screen – just scroll down a bit.

And the answer to that question? It was Phil Coulter. (He’s written everything once you start to tot it up.) The song was My Boy – previously a hit for Richard “not just a drinker an actor” Harris.  But here’s the King…



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19 responses to “Scorn not his simplicity

  1. I might be alone here but I prefer Phil Coulter’s rendition of Scorn not his Simplicity. I know the Flute Player’s face, but alas cannot put a name to it tonight. Can you help me.

  2. blackwatertown

    By the way – fellow LBCers – your word verification check are blocking me – so if you notice that I’ve stopped commenting, that’s the reason why.
    Naturally I couldn’t tell you this over at your own place, but if you chance to wander over here you can read this.

    • blackwatertown

      BEST AUDIENCE EVER! Well worth watching. Mad.
      Almost – but not quite – makes up for the existence of the Bay City Rollers in the first place.
      They weren’t Phil’s only crime – he had his series of instrumental albums which can be grouped under the working title Perfect Monotony.
      (He did have his good time too though.)

  3. There was a boy at my boarding school who had every Elvis record currently in existence (and played them till the rest of us went nuts), but I never heard My Boy which I see dates from 1973. Don’t think I missed very much….

  4. Nice try by Elvis but Phil Coulter has mastered “My Boy.”

    Blessings – Maxi

  5. Not sure where to find the link you mentioned. Thank you.
    I like Sinead O’Connor’s version, by the way. 🙂

  6. I had never heard it before, but I quite liked this version. I have recently become a grand uncle to a child with Down’s Syndrome and thus could relate to the emotions.

  7. AND, I am from the Elvis Presley generation and would plunk for him any time. Old loyalties die hard.

  8. You may be right about the only non US citizen to write a hit for Elvis but there are a few songs written by British songwriters that have been recorded by Elvis. Check out the Elvis CD The Great British Songbook.

  9. 29

    I was at university with Phil Coulter, different faculties, and I still have the first 45RPM record (somewhere) that he did along with his then band to raise funds funds for a rag-day charity. You are being quite unfair to refer to his instrumental records as ‘Perfect Monotony’, I have those casettes around somewhere and think that he has a beautiful and sensitive sound. However when it comes to singing the ‘Scorn not’ song he does not do it as well as Luke Kelly or, someone you did not mention, Paddy Reilly. The Sinead O’Connor version, yes sensitive but it does not have the body for me.
    Re ‘The Boy’, I never knew that Richard Harris could sing, I much preferred his version to Elvis’s.
    A story I liked about Richard; apparently towards the end he lived in one of the posh hotels in London and because of a medical emergency (?final) an ambulance came for him. As he was being carried out on a stretcher past the dining room where quite formal afternoon tea was being served he managed to raise himself up and shout, “The food, don’t eat the food”.
    Maybe apocryphal but maybe true.

  10. No way, I was gonna post about ‘my boy’ song… i still will at some point! I came to this post though because of the dubliners song! ahh my mum loves that one!

  11. The Flautist was possibly “Ciaràn Bourke”, but looks a lot like a young “Matt Molloy” to me.. Anyway, I’d love to get my hands on that vintage Telecastor dudes holding on the video…

    Incidentally, do you have your “link” purposely turned off where you visit and leave comments? Great Post by the way

    • blackwatertown

      Not intentionally. It’s the gravatar that does it – so it may be time for me to kill it off – or change the setting.

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