What do snowmen drink?

Wonder no more – the answer is here.

I saw this guy this morning. In his left hand a can of Fosters. Must be an Australian snowman. Or concerned about his alcohol intake – as that’s one of the big brands quietly reducing its abv from 5% to 4.8%. (Ah… the trivia I accumulate.)

Going by his headgear, this was the morning after the night before.

So I anticipate that the snow won’t be staying white for long.

When I saw him from across the railway tracks, he looked so folorn. I crossed the bridge to check he was comfortable, before catching my own train. He was waiting for one going the other way.

I wonder whether we’ll meet tomorrow?



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21 responses to “What do snowmen drink?

  1. That’s probably Henry Lawson.

    He’ll end up like my fella
    Death of a Snowperson

  2. blackwatertown

    Sheesh! If that’s what drinking Fosters does to you, I’m sticking to Mountain Dew http://tinyurl.com/85bavel

  3. I highly doubt you’ll meet on the morrow. Sad really…

  4. Au revoir bonhomme de neige. A snowman with character, a unique fellow he is. Though I’ve never attended, le Carnaval de Québec in Quebec City offers one plenty of opportunities to party with happy soused snowmen and snow-women.

    Normally this time of the year, we are knee deep to waist deep in snow. This year it appears Winter has been postponed due to a nasty bout of global warming, making snowmen an endangered species.

  5. Fosters? Oh well, snow accounting for tastes….

  6. 29

    Sno way that he is of local manufacture. Up until now I had thought that the snowman industry still remained a native British industry but this one, I can see, is the vanguard of the Asian takeover of our last remaining home manufacturing remnant!
    Is he still there or is it a case of, here to-day and just cone to-morrow?

  7. Oh yeah, he’ll be waitin’ for ya … unless someone wakes him, or kicks snow in his eyes…

    Blessings – Maxi

    • blackwatertown

      Reports are coming in that he’s lost his hat – and maybe even his head. What a party animal! I wonder whether he’ll back be again tomorrow? It’s certainly cold enough.

  8. Hi Blackwatertown,
    Thanks for the info, I am planning my daughters 1st birthday and her theme is winter wonderland. Someone gave me the idea to do marshmellow snowmen. What are some other finger foods(or any other food or drinks) that are creative?
    Catch you again soon!

    • blackwatertown

      Peas – that’s what she’d like. And apparently finger food like that aids development, dexterity and avoids later obesity.

  9. I am sure he will still be there tomorrow…he will probably deliberately miss his train just to see you again! I’m sure he wouldn’t wish to disappoint!

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