My idea of fun

I’m a sucker for a smile…

I relish encounters with the unexpected…
Yikes - it's not real.

And children…
Csango children

Admiring people’s inventiveness…
DIY aeronautics

Window shopping (without the windows)…
Fruit & vegetable seller at the Mercat La Boqueria, Barcelona, July 2006

Looking at the view…
Looking down on the Tugela river

But most of all -my idea of fun is… wearing a tea cosy on my head. It’s the only way to stay sane in this crazy world.
Tea Cosy Kids

What’s yours?

(This is a post for the Loose Bloggers Consortium – who are also my idea of fun. You can find their takes on the topic by going to the right hand column and scrolling down to their links.)



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33 responses to “My idea of fun

  1. are those your children; great pictures; loved the post; hope all is well in your young world

  2. The secret of your success with hats?
    Wonderful pics 馃檪

  3. I am a real tea cosy fan, many is the one came off my knitting needles over the years.

  4. Love your pictures! (Except the gross second one. 馃槈 You are a very good photographyer!
    Why didn’t I think of putting “blogging” on my list? Of course, it is fun for me.

  5. I had to look up tea cosy – I’ve never come across one on this side of the pond… My idea of fun? Playing Scrabble online and playing board or card games with the family, especially the ones designed to get everyone laughing!

    • blackwatertown

      Scrabble I like – preferably on a board. Though I get diverted from scoring by the lure of patterns.
      No tea cosies though? You haven’t lived. You need one now. Even if you do not possess a teapot, you do possess a head.

  6. Love the tea cozies on the top-noggins of two ADORABLE smiling faces!

  7. My idea of fun is funny faces, funny accents and funny walks. Always good for helpless laughter, total reversion to childhood and a temporary two-fingers to adult responsibility.

  8. The whole post was lovely- that pic about the unexpected is, VERY odd. haha! And more than a little creepy. 馃檪 Pleased to make your acquaintance…

    • blackwatertown

      That pic is from a collection of sculptures I saw in Cape Town, called Butcher Boys i think. The details are there if you click on the photo.

  9. My idea of fun is making fun of people at Wal-Mart. There are some scary folks out there.

    I’ve never owned a tea cozy, but they look like wonderful hats! Thanks for stopping by my place.

  10. blackwatertown

    Like I said to Barbara – anyone in possession of at least one head should have at least one tea cosy.

  11. Great post–The kids in the photos have different moods to reveal…caught in the act as it were. I too am a Scrabble on Facebook with 5 regulars.

  12. 29

    Fun? The last 100m of a marathon or the bleep of your ankle tag as you finish a triathlon or that hot shower after an early morning exercise session.
    Playing cards with your loved one on a train or ferry journey.
    Not to forget; receiving, neo-, pseudo-, quasi-, insulting birthday cards from your children and effusive home-made ones from your grandchildren.

  13. Krista Duran

    A fire at a listed building, the Bank of Ireland, in Newry hasn’t damaged the facade and doesn’t seem to have been deliberate.

  14. You have a couple of lovely children, Paul. Happy too, from the look on those sweet faces.

    My idea of fun is when I have my 7yr old granddaughter and the endless hours we spend in craziness.

    Blessings – Maxi

  15. TJ

    I like your ideas of fun–except maybe the unexpected. I don’t mind the unexpected…as long as it’s not something that could show up in a nightmare. =)

    And now I want to go find a tea cosy. I’ve never heard of them before this. But then again, I don’t drink tea, so it’s not surprising. Thanks for broadening my horizons!

    • blackwatertown

      Happy to have spread the word about such a significant cultural phenomenon. It’s slightly troubling to realise that parts of the world have been living in ignorance. I’m feeling like an online missionary.

  16. Fabulous pictures…. And you do have beautiful children!

  17. e

    Gorgeous and happy children! My idea of fun is going some place new. It was writing which I did professionally until I burned out…I’m not sure blogging is a fair substitute though I enjoy it.

  18. Nothing. I have concluded that no matter what I do, I cannot stay sane in this world, so might as well be nuts.

  19. Nothing Beats Staying Cosy!

  20. That second picture frightened me. I predict bizarre nightmares in the near future. Which is not my idea of fun. My idea of fun is playing video games. Where I can be…a hero. I don’t have a tea cosy. Do they come in duck sizes?

  21. I’ve just returned from seeing ‘The Iron Lady’ and can’t say it was fun. Maybe there has been a lighter side to her character which has passed me by, but would the country be better off if she had been more relaxed and able to enjoy? Would she have been happier? In the film she says ‘tell me the truth Dennis, have you been happy?’ He doesn’t reply! Mrs Thatcher ‘wanted to make a difference’ and did. Our Mr Dickens was a great entertainer and used humour a great deal, but was very unhappy in his later years, he also ‘made a difference’ but I’m not sure whether he had much fun either.

  22. blackwatertown

    You could try Sherlock Holmes, a bit closer to your era.
    She did appear to revel in schadenfreude – perhaps that’s what kepy her perky?

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