An intermission – but not for swearing…

I had to tell you this before it was too late – because it’s only available for a short time.

One caveat though. There’s a lot a swearing.

I’m talking about the Irish film Intermission – starring, among others Colin “thuggish” Farrell, Colm “Celtic mysticism robo-Garda” Meaney, Kelly “Trainspotting Schoolgirl” MacDonald and Cillian Murphy. *

It’s set in Dublin. It’s funny. Roddy Doylesque. Includes a great version of I Fought The Law Lore by Colin Farrell. And a clever shocking opening sequence – reminiscent of Trainspotting. And – a lot of swearing. Fairly constant.

That said – if you have access to the BBC iPlayer, it’s available to watch for free online right now here. But don’t leave it too long. It’ll disappear after the night of Saturday 3rd March.

The other film recommendation I’ll make is The Guard starring Brendan Gleason (a Connemara Garda) and Don Cheadle (visiting FBI agent). It’s been described as Fr Ted crossed with Bad Lieutenant. Or a more laid back Hot Fuzz set west of Galway. Again – lots of swearing. Very funny. Very good. But not free.

Neither film has a feck between them. They use more quotidian bowelly vowels.**

Which prompts me to ask – does a film need to include effing and blinding to be true to life? Especially where drink and violence are involved.

Bogie got through Casablanca without it, but I’m sure he was cursing under breath.

Sure, could you blame me for considering it?

* The only man with a chance of turning me** – though that was mainly based on his role in Breakfast on Pluto – a lovely film, based on the Patrick McCabe novel – which also prompted me to look at The “once-hated” Rubettes in a more favourable light. Sugar Baby Love anyone?

** Bowelly vowels… Not sure this makes sense. But it seemed right at the time.

*** Though I may have grown out of that phase now. So who has replaced him? I hear you ask. “No one,” came the sad reply. “No one.”



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11 responses to “An intermission – but not for swearing…

  1. Not having access to the BBC iPlayer, I caught a 1.5 minute glimpse of Intermission on YouTube. I don’t think the audio track and the movie were lined up because it looked they they were doing a really poor job of lip syncing 馃檪

  2. Do people get annoyed with swearing? I don’t. Though I seldom swear. I-phone, I don’t even own a cell phone. I can wait for it.

  3. I was taking an intermission as I had plans for the evening to watch… you guessed it! drink poured, cushions puffed and ready to watch the iPlayer!

  4. I loved The Guard. I’d highly recommend it. Simultaneously very serious and very funny.

  5. My late husband and I quit going to movies long ago; they have become more about sex and swearing than plot and acting.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • Sorry, I got a bit mixed up there.
      For a moment I thought you were referring to the behaviour in the auditorium rather than on screen.
      Though in a drive-in, anything is possible. (Not that I’ve ever been to one.)

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