Firm rump, lean thighs and great tongue

Firm-Rump – Lean Thighs – Great Tongue.

Bit cheeky putting that on a recruitment noticeboard, isn’t it?

Especially in a sleepy country village.

And I can just make out something about breasts in the background, if I squint like Steptoe.

Is there no escape from the rising tide of filth and lasciviousness… Oh, hang on a mo.

It may be a butcher’s shop.

There I go again. I really should pay no attention to anything written in chalk on a blackboard. (Then it’ll be just like school again.)



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28 responses to “Firm rump, lean thighs and great tongue

  1. My rack of RIBS are shaking with laughter 馃檪

  2. At least chalk on a blackboard can be easily amended/corrected:


  3. Yup, firm rump, lean thighs, great tongue, that’s me. Anything else you want to know? Wouldn’t want you to buy a cat in the bag.


    • blackwatertown

      No – don’t tell me directly. I’ll just keep an eye on the blackboards for another installment of your attributes.

  4. Saucy tongue produces spicey talk

  5. That’s great, I needed a giggle. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am reminded of the lamented Humphrey Lyttelton, describing the signature dishes of Samantha’s favourite chef: “While she’s very keen on his kidneys in red wine and his oxtail in beer, Samantha says it’s difficult to beat his famous tongue in cider.”

  7. Hmm, words of a feather鈥 Blessings – Maxi

  8. 29

    Great tongue; in that village, English I’m sure, Shakespeare et al would agree. I have just listened to Christy Moore singing ‘Honda 50’ he would agree also.

    • blackwatertown

      Honda 50 is often heard while I’m driving too.
      The sogn mentions Bucketstown – I know there’s one in the United States – is there really one in Ireland?

  9. Had it been in India or Pakistan, there would have been gurdey and kapuray.

  10. What a hook for the post! Obviously I had to come see- gave me a laugh before the school run so thank you!

  11. That must be why the street is so empty. The locals have boycotted the shop as a protest against the unmitigated and shameless filth.

  12. Helen

    I live in Devon and can confirm that these attributes come as standard issue. Well, not exactly, but the firm rump can be achieved with quality Spandex!

  13. That title sure made certain I didn’t waste any time about hot-pawing over to check it out! I thought for a minute your blog had taken a sudden change of direction 馃槈 They have an interesting choice in breasts round there…they like them in Chilli Jam somthing or other? lol 馃槈 Couldn’t squint well enough to read the rest, though 1st impressions was “Massage…” lol…and I take it you like a firm rump?!!! And lean thighs??!!! Well I won’t tell anybody…your secret is safe with Wolfie! 馃檪 馃槈 馃檪

  14. I’m surprised you can’t make a double entendre out of a “Lamb Shank!” My youngest male offspring would. Very easily!

  15. Spanx is the answer for the first 2.

    And of course Gaeilge for the 3rd.



  16. Duck breast?! I can’t believe they can get away with that!

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