My latest hobby

Like many people, I don’t devote enough time to my hobby – even though I’m sure I’d be happier if I did.

But other things get in the way – same old story – yadda yadda.

On the plus side, it’s cheap, doesn’t require a uniform, needs no musical knowledge and works well in all seasons.

On the down side, it tends to be left until after everything else.

Some people introduce booze or do it in front of the TV. Others take a mascot.

It’s one of those hobbies that can be done as part of a group, but is probably most enjoyable without a crowd.

Some lucky souls manage to find time at the workplace to hone their skills. How I envy them.

Like most hobbies – the more you put in, the more you get out. I’ve been neglecting mine lately. And people have noticed.

They’ve been encouraging me to spend more time on it.

So I will.

Nighty night.

(Oh, didn’t I mention what it was? It’s sleeping. But – yawn – you knew that. I’m the sleepy toe second from the right.)

[That was a post for the Loose Bloggers Consortium. You’ll find the rest of them revealing their own hobbies – and some of them are downright crazy and criminal – by clicking on their links, which are listed in the right-hand column. Just scroll down a bit to find them.]


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17 responses to “My latest hobby

  1. TJ

    Ooh. Sleep is a hobby of mine, too–right next to eating. I haven’t been neglecting my hobbies, though… Hope you catch up well on yours!

  2. Truly yadda, yadda…..wait till you come to my age. Sleep will be your major core of activity!!

  3. rummuser

    I hope that you are awake enough to accept this compliment. Great hobby. You will live and love long.

  4. Sleep is only a potential hobby for me. Right now it’s purely functional. I have great difficulty in sleeping more than six hours, and I’m incapable of casual naps. It’s probably the lack of sleep that explains my crazy mind.

  5. We all know that Charles Dickens was an insomniac, but he gained many of his best ideas while padding around the streets late at night- I cheerfully blame my current scarcity of inspirational ideas on my well enjoyed eight hours kip most nights, but beware, it could be a slippery slope!

  6. I’m right there with Nick, not much of a sleeper. More power to ya, Paul. Snooze away. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Blessings – Maxi

  7. 29

    “Sleep, it is a pleasant thing
    Beloved from pole to pole”
    I just love those lines and yearn to enjoy at 4am.

  8. Sleep. Is there a magic trick to it? See my comment on your next post. I am playing catch up and working backwards.

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