Surprise as parent wins wet t-shirt contest

Hee hee – it’s great isn’t it? Whatever you were hoping for can’t be any better than this pic.

It’s catch up time with some of the strong things other people are up to.

Ras Jacobson from the Lessons for Teachers and Twits blog (for which I once revealed a shocking piece of personal history* via here) accidentally stumbles on to someone in trouble in webland. Very challenging and involves annorexia. Have a look here to see how she handles it.

Noble Cause Corruption (a police officer posting anonymously) is speaking up for Special Constables in the UK. Not to be confused with PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers), the part-time volunteer Specials have proper arrest powers. However, despite being expected to do a full job, it appears that they cannot expect to rely on full support from the rest of the police if they have to go to court. Seems unfair. The story is here. (I know someone training to be a Special at the moment.)

Psychiatrist Sana Johnson-Quijada has consolatory and empowering advice to survivors of abuse at her Friend To Yourself blog – her message is that you have not been ruined and still have much to offer.

Pick the fruit that the birds have pecked at.  They know what’s good better than we do.

Nadia Elawady in Cairo talks about the challenges and frustrations of living in Egypt a year on from the revolution. If you read forward from that post of hers, she’s also interesting on divorce, bereavement, appalling traffic management and the hassles that are jeopardising tourism to that great destination.

Gullible’s Travels remembers a train ride from Prague to Budapest, where his innate feelings of guilt encountered some suspicious border guards (a feeling I know very well).

And finally – this is genius. It’s called “I nibbled Britain out of Jaffa Cakes”. Click on the picture to see the other sites in England and Scotland that Dominic Wilcox has rendered at his Variations on Normal blog.

It's Tower Bridge in London. Surely this would also work with After Eights at a dinner party? Might need Matchmakers to do the Giant's Causeway though.

* You’ve heard of the Superbowl. Meet the Hyperbole.



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25 responses to “Surprise as parent wins wet t-shirt contest

  1. I suppose every parent has a pee pee story. Seems like the fellow has “accepted what he cannot change”

  2. You are a tease.

    The person who invented wet t-shirt competitions should be canonised.#


  3. The Jaffa Cake Tower Bridge is a work of sheer genius. Give that man an Arts Council grant.

  4. 29

    Now I know the difference between a T-shirt and a Twetshirt.

  5. Nigel

    As Blackwatertown knows, I seek and hunt down aberrant apostrophes relentlessly; so should he be in the firing line for “PCSO’s”? I think so, as surely the plural of PCSO is PCSOs. I feel the same way about “CD’s”.

    • blackwatertown

      As head honcho of the PCSOs – the Punctuation Control and Supervision Officers – you’re right. It has been amended.

  6. Yay! I luv being in your company. Thank u so much.

  7. Laughing too hard to type (almost). Does the man pretend not to notice? Blessings – Maxi

    • blackwatertown

      You’d be amazed at what men can fail to notice or at least pretend not to notice. (On the other hand, you probably wouldn’t be surprised at all.)

  8. That photograph is PRICELESS!

  9. It’s been worth the billion and one dropped connections that have been occurring tonight to finally get online and find my way into this post! lol…Brilliant! 😉

  10. Ask your friend to ask a question of the recruiting force. Particularly as your friend’s employer won’t pay him whilst engaged on police duty, if he is subject to a criminal allegation along with a fellow full time officer which requires them to go to court to defend himself. The full time officer will be paid throughout the whole process including court (however long that may take) and attendance at solicitor/barrister appointments. Will your friend receive any loss of earnings for the days or weeks of the court case so that he is in the same position as his colleague? The answer is no! Hope he has a good bank balance.

    Special Police Officers face serious and significant financial jeopardy due to this anomaly. As long as they are aware of the risks.

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  12. Rema

    Most funny pic 🙂

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