Titanic Town fever

It must be catching, this Titanic fever. There’s no escaping it on telly or in the news. Here’s my contribution…

In other words – enough already. We built it. It crashed. It sank.

Is there nothing more successful or optimistic to show off about?

A bit of the new Titanic building, with Samson - or is it Goliath? - in the background.

Now £77M of our money has been sunk into the new Titanic Signature building. Let’s hope it holds up better than its namesake.

Now before any Belfast readers get all defensive – yes, yes I know – as the local t-shirt slogans about the Titanic say – She was alright when she left us.

One of my great (great, great?) aunts was due to sail on her, but changed her ticket at the last minute. One of her sisters was subsequently wont to mutter darkly: They went to bed drinking champagne. But they woke up shovelling coal. Which was a mite uncharitable I always thought. I doubt there was much champers being quaffed on the lower decks.

So when it comes to Titanic fever, I’m immune. (Though I may have a wee peek at the new place all the same. And that Titanic-branded ale from Hilden looks promising.)

But when it comes to Titanic Town fever, I’m a hopeless case. Which is why I’ll be marinading myself in old haunts round Belfast next month.

So… Anyone fancy meeting up? Perhaps we could coax Arthur Magee into giving us a bespoke tour of the happier and honourable historical side of Belfast? Your thoughts?



Alright… I suppose I should give the big bright new Titanic centre a better plug. Click on the pic below to find out how to book tickets.

Póló adds this-  An American Wake  – on how the Titanic sinking hit small Irish communities and his own family.

And Well Done Fillet lets out a heartfelt cry – What about the waiters? Will somebdy please think of the waiters!



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26 responses to “Titanic Town fever

  1. “She was alright when she left us.”

    Still rolling on the floor laughing my buns off!

  2. TJ

    Can you make a vaccine and send it to the U.S. so I can give some of your immunity to my sister? When the movie came out in the ’90s, my sister had us watch it three times at the theater. Re-DONK-ulous.

  3. Nigel

    Yes, I prefer kitchen sink drama.

  4. Me! I’m in- as long as real life doesn’t intervene.
    Girl1 is doing the compulsory Titanic school project.
    Girl2 is helping her out by doing chalk drawings of the boat out the back.
    They’re very excited about the new place opening, but they’re wee enough to buy the hype.
    There is no escape.

  5. Titanic Signature Building? What the…? And you have to dole out the dough? It’s a wonder the people don’t take to the streets in protest.

    Blessings – Maxi

  6. As the social secretary for Grannymar, I can announce that she’s in too. She is still dealing with the WordPress commenting bug 😉 and so asked me to deliver glad tidings!

  7. Are you sure that little van isn’t Derek Trotter’s latest venture?

    I hear Titanic Belfast is doing very well. School trips fully booked for a year, 200 bookings for the banqueting suite and 48 weddings lined up. Jenny and I have tickets for the second slot on the opening day (after all the celebs have tramped round). Can’t wait!

    Titanic WAS okay when it left Belfast. What sank it was a whole catalogue of human errors, starting with the captain who wanted to get to New York in record time and wouldn’t slow down for anything.

  8. Leaving a test comment on behalf of Grannymar. (Elly)

  9. 29

    Was it all alright when it left Belfast? The first marine insurance man approached refused to accept it. It was designed so that incoming water could flow freely over the top of each hold into the next etc. There was an inadequate number of lifeboats.
    Yes, the craftsmanship was of the highest order but, was everyone really happy with the design!

  10. H’m. Newfoundland is getting carried away too – last radio contact by Titanic was to here.
    On a personal note, my children’s great-great aunt was on board. Yes I was married to man who had claim to a hazy trail back to the Big T. Needless to mention the kids exploited this connection in school, as the poor GGaunt died, as most 3rd,steamer class did and they got wonderful marks on their essays.
    Now the best movie I’ve seen (Yack on Jim Cameron, old king of the world) on it was “A Night to Remember” with Kenneth More.

  11. Salutations from over the sea. Interesting blog. I must return for more.

  12. There is a great site here which includes passenger lists:

    The site also has a search function which allows you search for, for example, passengers from a particular town.


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