When preparing to be effective, it’s vital to have the right equipment. (NB: Don’t miss the last picture.)

1. You already know how keen I am on tea cosies.  You also need a teapot.

In fact, a chocolate teapot is good for at least one cup of tea – as proved by the Naked Scientists. (Don’t worry. They keep their white coats on.)

2. A hammer. It’ll make a shattering impact.

3. A mint flavoured suppository. (See tasteful yet surprisingly apt, shocking yet subtle picture below.)

Whoah! Just had a revelation. Instead of “mint flavoured suppository” – change it to Minty Suppository – what a good character name. Oh yes. that’s the level of literary invention you’re dealing with here. The bar is set very high.

Minty Suppository could be a Noo Yoick Irish cop who doesn’t take any… well, you know. Or perhaps an innocent lass from Idaho who triumphs over the wolves in the city with her smile a little crooked but her honour intact. Works for male or female.

Anyway – enjoy the mint flavoured suppository picture….

You'll have to take my word for it that it was mint flavoured.

And feel free to suggest any similarly useful or effective things.

(This post for the Loose Bloggers Consortium on effectiveness… Oh, wait a moment. Effectiveness? Dammit! This post is hereby declared ineffective. For something more effective, visit the other LBC members. Their links are in the right-hand column. Just scroll down.)



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18 responses to “Effectiveness

  1. A hammer shaped minty suppository. Now you’re talking effectiveness.

  2. I am still reeling from all this supposed suppository business. Did you know that the most ‘effective’ way to treat small children with antibiotics and major medicines especially to reduce high fevers is through suppositories….and it is done literally in minutes The French use it in a big way. Kids don’t puke out the medicine.

  3. I think I will stick to an apple a day

  4. I couldn’t possibly talk about suppositories. I’m of a very delicate and genteel disposition and such things are best left to the imagination.

    As for effectiveness, I would soon get stuck if I didn’t have a pair of scissors in the house – and preferably a pair in every room.

    • blackwatertown

      All that will lead to is a cache of scissors hiding from you – where before it was just the one pair. That’s if you’re like me anyway.

  5. rummuser

    Psyllium husk has always been very effective for me when needed!

  6. I gotta tell ya, HH (horse head), that hammer works for me. It can be used for many jobs, or to get attention, or take o’ personal business, or…
    Blessings – Maxi

  7. I Shall Never Eat A POLO Again!

  8. I take it a mint suppository is more effective than a plain old boring normal one? lol 😉

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