Reasons to be cheerful – Part Two

There’s a hawthorn tree in there. No really.

Coincidentally, I was feeling cheerful this time last year. This is why I’m in a good mood now.

1. I planted a hawthorn tree. Few things are better than planting a tree. Putting down roots. Engaging with nature. Creating a legacy that will last till…  Well, I hope it’s still there. I haven’t looked since the weekend. Better check it tomorrow. It’s tucked away in a corner between the village recreation ground and the allotments.

2. I encountered someone who has changed her mind and admitted she was wrong. She’s discovered she can’t wipe away what she wrote. But she’s apologising and rejecting the wrong. I find that refreshing. Good on you Nadia.

OK, I admit it. Some people’s hole digging productivity was a lot higher than mine. But surely that’s what Scouts are good at?

3. It may take a while, but given time and a fair wind, even a writer who it seemed had been written off, can get a publishing deal. It only took Genevieve Jones 125 years to land a book contract. Book looks good. Can’t really say if Genevieve is currently deriving any satisfaction from it though.

4. Humankind can still hold its own against machines. Artist, creationaire and all round smarty pants Dominic Wilcox has beaten a 3D printer in a race to make a model of the Duomo cathedral in Milan.

It’s all good people.

If you want to find out what kind of mood the rest of the Loose Bloggers Consortium are in – just scroll down the right hand column till you find their links.



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23 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful – Part Two

  1. My dear Paul, I am impressed how little it takes to cheer you up and uphold faith in humankind. Should you ever need a fruit lollipop (ice, homemade) look no further.


  2. All those links… I went off on a tangent.
    That is a fine young scout preparing to dig a hole. May his roots be well grounded!

    • blackwatertown

      There’s hope for us all. Though I hope I don’t seem impatient if I say I want speedier results than that.

  3. 29

    That is a competent graip wielder in your photo, good sturdy stock I should imagine.
    I looked at last year and the covered bike. Hasn’t that been a huge commercial success, see them everywhere…NOT. Is the poor inventor still, well, poor.

    • blackwatertown

      The fork eases the way for the spade.
      But about the covered bike – I’m shocked to hear that you’re so far behind the times! Over here we all have one each – at least. When we’re not using them we store them between our personal jet packs and our everlasting gobstoppers.

  4. rummuser

    You never fail to surprise me! An anonymous tree planter and a Boy Scout to boot.

  5. Hey, how come The Old Fossil isn’t in the Loose Bloggers Consortium? He started it, after all! LOL

    Tree planting for the future is a marvelous thing.

  6. I so enjoyed this post, HH. Chock full o’ good stuff.

    Along with you, I “liked” the article on someone who admitted she was wrong.

    Genevieve Jones must be smiling on her accomplishment, finally.

    Blessings to you, consort – Maxi

  7. Your post was just what the doctor ordered! I am going to get out of my cabin at work and go marvel the rains outside now 🙂

  8. Having been in an evil mood all day…something to do with drunken housemate crashing in at 4am with screaming female company, forcing the Wolfie eyeballs to open an hour before wake-up for work time, I am now benignly thinking about all the reasons I might have to be cheerful! 😉

    • blackwatertown

      They were lucky you didn’t snap.
      And by snap I mean bite.

      • I did launch a fully fledged snarling Wolfie attack as I hurtled down the stairs fangs flashing and hackles through the roof…but despite the truly blood curdling, eye bulging, wrathful hound from hell revenge I had in mind to inflict…drunken housemate managed to sneak past and escape the jaws of death whilst I was momentarily distracted by the bathroom… 😉

  9. zimnoch

    You Had A Treemendous Sunday?

  10. I tried to plant a tree from a star fruit seed once. It grew an inch, then died. I actually tried to grow two. The second one grew even less and also died. Hope your tree does better.

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